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KIKO Milano
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KIKO Milano

An Italian brand well-known all over the world offering professional cosmetics and facial makeup accessories, as well as face and body care products.

The history of the creation of the Kiko Milano brand and its idea

It was founded in 1997 by the Italian company Percassi Group, founded by Antonio Percassi. Meeting the real needs of women, which is guided by Kiko Milano, was the main idea behind the creation of cosmetics for make-up of the face, eyes and lips. Additionally, the brand's goal is for the products they produce to be of high quality, with a modern design and at an affordable price. It is also worth mentioning that Kiko Milano cosmetics are not tested on animals.

Continuous improvement of the offered cosmetics, following the latest trends, durability, rich color palette and pure pleasure during application - this is the secret of beauty and perfect makeup.

Kiko Milano cosmetics

The brand's offer includes innovative cosmetics divided into several categories:

  • Makeup cosmetics:

  • Eye makeup: single eye shadows in various shades, eye shadow palettes, mascaras with various properties, long-lasting eyeliners, automatic pencils and nourishing eyebrow serum.

  • Lip makeup: stick and liquid lipsticks in various shades that make the lips stand out, lip glosses, lip liners.

  • Facial makeup: concealers that mask imperfections, foundations, makeup bases, bronzers, blushes.


  • Cosmetics for face and body care:

  • Products for cleansing and washing the face such as: foams, tonics, gels and scrubs.

  • Everyday face creams dedicated to various skin types, including oily, dry and combination skin

  • Moisturizing balms that add shine to the lips.

  • Soothing and softening masks and creams for hands and feet.


  • Nail products:

  • Nail polishes in a rich palette of colors and with various offenses.

  • Bases and tops to extend durability and add shine.

  • Conditioners with strengthening and caring formulas

  • Manicure and pedicure accessories such as files, nail scissors, clippers and separators.


  • Makeup accessories:

  • Makeup brushes.

  • Sponges that facilitate the application of cream cosmetics.

  • Cosmetic bags are perfect for storing cosmetics and accessories.

Kiko Milano makeup products - Bestsellers

Cosmetic pearls for face, eye and lip makeup from the Kiko Milano brand, which have gained particular recognition among customers around the world, include:

  • Unlimited Double Touch lipsticks - a two-phase lipstick combining a base and a lip gloss that stays on the skin for up to 12 hours and leaves a tempting, shiny finish.

  • Hydra Lipgloss softening lip gloss with a 3D effect, which is a beauty secret because it gives the lips shine.

  • Creamy blush stick Velvet Touch makes the skin look healthier.

  • Creamy Sculpting Touch face contouring stick with a matte finish.

  • Hydra Pro Matte facial fluid that cares for the complexion, nurtures the skin and extends the durability of makeup.

All of the above-mentioned cosmetics and many others can be found in our online store. Enjoy your shopping.

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