Terms and cost of delivery

We want you to receive your purchase as soon as possible! Our priority is to make the time between placing an order and sending it as short as possible. We pack the goods carefully in order to prevent damages during transport.

Time between placing an order and dispatching it.

In case of Cash On Delivery shipping time between placing an order and sending it is a maximum of two working days. If your order has been placed before 10:00 there is a chance that your package will be dispatched on the same day.

Prepayment (on-line transfer - płatności.pl) - in most cases transfers are being booked within a few minutes so the delivery time is the same as in the case of 'cash on delivery' - up to two working days.

Traditional transfer all prepaid orders are sent only after booking your payment - within 2 working days after receiving the payment. In case of traditional transfer duration of the transfer may be extended (especially if it is a bank different than PKO BP).

NOTE: A transfer sent with the Polish Post Office can be booked even after 7 days, which automatically extends the time of the shipment.

For all transfers we wait up to 10 days from the order placing date


Each shipment is carefully prepared and secured. This way we avoid any possible damage during transport of your purchased products.

If the packaging or sealing tape are damaged, check the content of your package in the presence of the postman or courier. If you found any damage or shortages in the goods, it is necessary to review it in the transport document or in a complaint report in the presence and with the signature of the postman!

Calculator - Check the shipping cost below

Delivery costs depend on weight of your package and country of delivery. You can calculate the cost by selecting country and weight in the form below.


100 g

(postal code)
Weight range Payment Price
Whole country 0 g - 2 kg Prepay 32.00 zł
Whole country 0 g - 100 g Prepay 22.00 zł
Whole country 101 g - 350 g Prepay 25.00 zł
Whole country 2.001 kg - 3 kg Prepay 86.64 zł
Whole country 3.001 kg - 4 kg Prepay 96.48 zł
Whole country 4.001 kg - 5 kg Prepay 107.55 zł
Whole country 5.001 kg - 6 kg Prepay 112.47 zł
Whole country 6.001 kg - 7 kg Prepay 116.16 zł
Whole country 7.001 kg - 8 kg Prepay 126.00 zł
Whole country 8.001 kg - 9 kg Prepay 135.84 zł
Whole country 9.001 kg - 10 kg Prepay 143.22 zł
Whole country 10.001 kg - 11 kg Prepay 153.06 zł
Whole country 11.001 kg - 12 kg Prepay 161.67 zł
Whole country 12.001 kg - 13 kg Prepay 172.74 zł
Whole country 13.001 kg - 14 kg Prepay 187.50 zł
Whole country 14.001 kg - 15 kg Prepay 202.26 zł
Whole country 15.001 kg - 16 kg Prepay 205.95 zł
Whole country 16.001 kg - 17 kg Prepay 212.10 zł
Whole country 17.001 kg - 18 kg Prepay 220.71 zł
Whole country 18.001 kg - 19 kg Prepay 226.86 zł
Whole country 19.001 kg - 20 kg Prepay 233.01 zł