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Max Factor is known as a brand used by professional make-up artists. Its roots date back to 19th century Poland. Maksymilian Faktorowicz, born in Łódź, founder of one of the largest cosmetic companies, started his career as a pharmacist's assistant. He devoted a lot of time to experiments in the field of perfume and cream mixtures. The year 1909 is considered to be the beginning of the brand known to this day. It was created 2 years after the opening of the first drugstore store in Los Angeles and 5 years after Faktorowicz left Łódź. The company didn't have to wait long - together with the cosmetic laboratory, it developed very quickly. The Pole worked with Hollywood actresses of the 1920s and 1930s, and was responsible for the makeup of, among others, Phyllis Haver, Pola Negri and Joan Crawford. The dazzling make-up provided by Max Factor to Hollywood stars defined the canon of beauty in the 20th century. It was copied by women all over the world. He then adopted the English-sounding name Max Factor. It is his inventions that are associated with this brand. He was the first to create false eyelashes, waterproof cosmetics and the first liquid foundation (today no one can imagine not having it in their cosmetics bag). He created many interesting techniques useful in the art of characterization. He was also the creator of the timeless term "make-up". At the end of the 1920s, he received the first Oscar in history for film make-up. Initially, the idea was for individual, professional make-up artists to work, but in 1927 the distribution of women's cosmetics with the Max Factor logo began. Then the production of men's items began. The Max Factor company was owned by the descendants of Maks Faktorowicz until 1973. It is now one of many Procter & Gamble Co. brands. MF products were available worldwide until 2009, when they were withdrawn from distribution in the USA. However, they remain very popular in European countries, including Poland. Max Factor is a symbol of modern makeup and beauty.

Some of the legendary cosmetics that the company created are: Creme Puff (also known as Mr. Cake) - a 2-in-1 compact powder, introduced in 1953, a cosmetic bestseller for 50 years. It has the properties of a cream foundation and loose powder. Pan Stick - a stick foundation introduced in 1952, it can also be used as a concealer. 2000 Calorie - thickening mascara. Lasting Performance - covering, durable foundation.

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