Do you love makeup? Or maybe just the opposite - you rarely wear full makeup, but at the same time you like to have defined lips? If so, you've come to the right place! In this category of our Ladymakeup online store, you will find the best lipsticks, which will quickly become an irreplaceable element of your make-up.

Check out the most popular colors, different formulas and find a unique lipstick that will give your lips an incredible look. Enjoy shopping that is simple and, what is equally important, as pleasant as possible. You're welcome!

Get to know different lipstick formulas and find your favorite one

Is lipstick your best friend? Can't you imagine not having painted lips? Or are you one of those people who are just finding their way with makeup and are looking for the perfect products? Don't worry! Regardless of which group you are in, at Ladymakeup you will find the perfect cosmetics for yourself. We are constantly expanding our offer, ensuring that every woman can choose the best-fitting products for herself.

Matte lipsticks are especially popular. Especially since it is a very good finish for both everyday and evening make-up. After all, who said that one product can't serve you in many different ways? Definitely can! This is especially true when you choose a lipstick whose color will match your beauty very well.

It is also impossible not to mention classic glossy lipsticks, which have been very popular among women of all ages for years. Although time passes inexorably, their popularity is still there and there is no indication that this will change! (Un)ordinary glossy lipsticks will allow you to beautifully highlight your lips in any situation. If you choose a more subdued color that does not need to be applied so precisely, you will be able to easily correct your makeup even without a mirror. Glossy lipsticks create a subtle glow effect that makes the entire face look more aesthetic. It's a must-have in your makeup bag, no matter what the weather is like outside.

If you like bold styles and want your lips to become the most characteristic element of your makeup, choose metallic lipsticks. This is undoubtedly one of those that you simply... can't help but pay attention to. They make the lips look very elegant and so interesting that special eye makeup is no longer needed.

Do you want to buy a lipstick that is very comfortable to wear every day? One that is somewhere between a slightly matte and pearly finish? If so, satin lipsticks will be a perfect choice for you. Regardless of whether you have small or very large lips - such cosmetics will look great on you. A whole lot of different shades are available for sale at Ladymakeup. Which one will you choose for yourself?!

What are the most fashionable lipstick colors?

The lipstick formula is not a problem for you, but you have difficulty matching the perfect color? Check which shades are the most popular and choose one that will look good on your lips.

If we were to point to a classic that is still hard to ignore, it would obviously be red lipstick. No wonder that so many brands still offer various shades of this irreplaceable color. If so far you have thought that red looks boring and bland and therefore cannot delight, it's time... to change your mind! Although makeup trends are constantly changing, red, intensely defined lips are still very popular! Especially at various types of celebrations and important events. If you want to be sure that your styling will be properly balanced and elegant at the same time, you can definitely choose this color.

It will certainly come as no surprise to you that various shades of pink are still very popular. Here, it's up to you whether you choose very intense ones or, on the contrary, cool and slightly subdued ones. Or maybe a raspberry lipstick will be in your makeup bag? If you like such girly colors, perfect for beautiful weather, you can definitely choose this shade!

Our list also includes subdued variants of lipsticks. Especially since women are very willing to do so! We are talking not only about nude, but also all other shades of brown, and even lipsticks with a slightly golden finish.

Remember, however, that the most beautiful makeup is the one in which you feel comfortable. Experiment, check different formulas and shades to find a cosmetic that is easy to apply and looks beautiful.

Get to know the available products and choose the perfect lipstick for yourself

When assembling your perfect cosmetics bag with colorful products, be sure to also pay attention to the form in which the lipstick you are interested in is available. Yes, its packaging will influence how comfortable it will be to use later. And here again, it will certainly not be a surprise to you that the number of available solutions... is very large! Classic, twisted-from-the-center lipsticks are the ones that have been with us the longest. They are extremely easy to use, especially if you choose one of the more subdued colors. Then you can easily fix your makeup without even going to the bathroom.

Or maybe you're fed up with the classics and want to choose a completely different lipstick? Here you go! You may like liquid cosmetics that are applied using the brush included in the package. However, you will need a mirror to apply the lipstick or correct it later, because painting with an applicator requires more precision. However, in this product category you will find unique long-lasting liquid lipsticks. This is a must-have if you want your lips to look impeccable even for several hours.

If you love formulas that spread very easily on your lips, lipsticks in pencils will undoubtedly be perfect for you. And there is definitely no shortage of those in our offer! Their greatest advantages include the fact that they are very well pigmented, and their extremely creamy and soft consistency glides wonderfully on the lips. With such a product, everyday lip painting will quickly become a real pleasure.

Have you been wearing make-up for years, or maybe you are a professional make-up artist? Then also check out our full lip cosmetics palettes. Depending on the product in question, they will have a high or medium level of coverage. To make this lipstick look great and be applied very precisely, it is worth buying an appropriate brush. So that the selected lipstick is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the lips.

Perfect lipsticks for everyday wear and special occasions from Ladymakeup

At Ladymakeup, we know that finding the right lipstick is sometimes more difficult than it may seem. Finally, you need to pay attention to the finish, color and even the packaging itself. If this is your first time making this choice, don't worry! Over time, it will be much easier for you to choose products that will work great for you. You just need to test a few different ones and see what looks best in you.

In our online drugstore, we have prepared for you a very diverse selection of lipsticks from brands liked by women. How about Maybelline, Essence, Bourjois, Wibo, Rimmel, Golden Rose, Max Factor, or NYX Professional Makeup cosmetics? We have also prepared for you variants from the Vipera brand, as well as Dessi, Bell, Kryolan, Eveline Cosmetics, and Paese. It would be difficult for us to tell you about all the available products here, so it's best to check for yourself what exactly you can choose! Meanwhile, we guarantee that all available lipsticks have an attractive price and great effects of use. You will change every make-up with them.

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