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Do you love eye makeup? Do you want your look to always be aesthetically enhanced? Do you like to paint your eyelids and wonder how to extend the durability of your shadows? If so, you're in the perfect place.

In this category of our Ladymakeup online store, we have prepared high-quality products for you that will influence the appearance of the eye shadows. Bases, because this is what we are talking about, guarantee even the color of the eyelid, and thus ensure trouble-free application. Additionally, they make the shadow colors more expressive and last longer. Get to know this inconspicuous cosmetic now and find the perfect product for yourself. You're welcome.

Why is it worth using eye shadow bases?

If so far, when applying eye shadows, you haven't even thought about using a base, you will certainly be wondering whether it's worth it? Or maybe it's another cosmetic that only absorbs time and the effects of its use are not that satisfactory? They definitely are! Nothing has such a positive impact on the appearance of the entire makeup as the proper preparation of the skin for its application. Catch up on what you missed and make sure you have such a product in your makeup bag.

Do you remember all those situations where the shadows looked unsightly, especially on the creases of the eyelids? After applying the base, you won't have the slightest problem with it. When applied under the shadows, it makes them look better, more expressive and lasts for a longer time. Your make-up will not smudge, and you will guarantee much better adhesion of the shadows. If so far, colorful and intense eye shadows after application have not looked as you expected, definitely get to know the available types of bases and find the right one for you.

What influences the durability of makeup?

Even the best color cosmetics will not work as well as they could if you do not pay attention to how you apply them. The preparation of the skin itself will also be important. First of all, make sure that it is properly cleansed and use a cream tailored to its needs. When it comes to the eye area itself, before applying makeup, wipe it very thoroughly to remove any dirt and any makeup remnants. Make sure that excess sebum does not accumulate on your eyelids, which can cause the shadows to roll and prevent them from being as adherent as they could be.

Do you love shimmery shadows? Or maybe you prefer subdued ones in very neutral shades? Do you apply them to the entire eyelid or just to the eyebrow arch? And in the case of both options, make sure to spread the selected product very carefully. Choose high-quality brushes that will glide pleasantly over your skin and will prevent the product from falling off on the rest of your face or clothes.

Many different factors influence the durability of your makeup. It is impossible not to even mention the weather itself or the selected cosmetic formula. These waterproof ones will undoubtedly guarantee a long-lasting effect, but limit their application only to those days when you really want your make-up to last for at least a dozen or so hours. For everyday use, such cosmetics may be too heavy.

What to do to make your eye makeup look impeccable?

We can talk about good durability of shadows when they look flawless even after a few hours. Fine wrinkles are not visible and the color cosmetics used do not collect in the creases of the eyelids. A good base will also make application easier, intensify the selected color and make it adhere better to the skin. If you have shadows in your cosmetic bag that are very light and hardly visible when applied directly to the eyelid, it is definitely worth investing in a base. This product will allow you to bring out their depth and expressive color.

Appropriate preparation of the skin, using a make-up base, appropriate application method, using high-quality products, as well as the tools for applying color cosmetics. What else can you do to ensure that your eye makeup looks impeccable even after several or even several hours have passed since you applied makeup? Definitely use a special fixative. It is usually a cosmetic in the form of a spray, thanks to which the shadows will stay in place and will not smudge. For everyday use, you can choose light fixing mists, and for those special occasions, buy a stronger fixer.

To make your eyelid makeup last as long as possible, try to limit any touch-ups made with your fingers as much as possible. In short, do not rub your eyes or touch them unnecessarily, because even if you use the base first, it will be difficult to prevent the makeup from getting damaged. Remember that.

What are the most popular eye shadow bases?

The availability of a huge number of products is a big advantage, but it may make you wonder which product is best to choose for yourself? The eye shadow bases from the Kryolan brand available in our offer are very popular. These are high-quality cosmetics that, on the one hand, are absorbed very well and, on the other hand, allow you to highlight the actual color of the shadows and extend the durability of the entire makeup.

Or maybe you will add a Make-Up Atelier Paris product to your virtual cart? You can also talk about their advantages for a long time. They are characterized primarily by the fact that they allow you to improve the adhesion of popular loose shadows and equally popular pigments, and even characteristic glitters. You will appreciate that they intensify the saturation and color of selected colors, and at the same time prevent them from rolling.

Among the products from this category, which definitely cannot be ignored, there are also available preparations from Lumene, NYX, Gosh, Golden Rose, and Eveline Cosmetics. Depending on your needs, your cosmetic bag may include a classic or waterproof base, thanks to which your makeup will stay in place for a very long time. Of course, our offer includes a wide selection of these products. Or maybe you want to buy a hypoallergenic base that, in addition to intensifying the color of the eyeshadows, is also as gentle as possible for the skin? No problem!

Eyeshadow base - how to apply it?

You have already decided on an interesting product, and now you are wondering how to apply the base to guarantee the most satisfactory results? First of all, use as thin a layer of the base as possible with each use. Here, less is more, and too much may lead to an effect that is opposite to the intended one. Instead of enjoying beautiful makeup, you will quickly notice that your eye makeup will start to roll and therefore look unsightly. The larger the amount of product, the more difficult it is to spread it well, so keep it to a minimum here.

Ensure your makeup looks perfect with the bases available at Ladymakeup

The best eye base is the one that will guarantee you a make-up that will meet your expectations. And it will certainly come as no surprise to you that our offer includes a whole host of interesting products. Thanks to them, you will guarantee beautiful makeup all day long, regardless of what type of shadows you use most often. Do you love the beige shade? Or maybe you like to highlight the area above the eyebrow arch? Take care of your delicate skin with primers that will allow you to easily apply the shadows, prevent them from collecting in the creases and allow you to enjoy the flawless appearance of your eyelids. Choose products from popular and unique brands such as: Artdeco, Essence, NYX, Golden Rose, Bell, Affect, Lovely, Kryolan, Wibo, Bell or Hean. Successful shopping!

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