Eyeshadow palettes and sets

Palettes and eyeshadow sets are the basis of every perfect makeup. Currently, brands on the market are competing with each other in creating newer and more unique color combinations, with innovative packaging and closure, all just to attract customers. You can get a ready-made eye shadow palette for just a dozen or so zlotys, and it can range from 3 to over 100 shades in one set. Very popular everyday combinations include shades of nude, beige and brown with a matte finish, often with one or two other shades with a shiny finish. You can often get palettes that compromise with several classic mattes and other shades and finishes, e.g. pearl, satin, metallic or foil. In some combinations, in addition to shadows, we can also find highlighters, bronzers and blushes, thanks to which we can save on makeup products. It is also worth paying attention to whether the manufacturer has included a brush for applying eye shadows or whether the palette includes a mirror that will allow us to apply make-up in all conditions.

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