Hand care scrubs and masks

Well-groomed hands are the calling card of each of us. However, they are often exposed to many harmful external factors, detergents and cleaning products, abrasions and injuries. The hands then become dry, parched, the skin is less elastic and unpleasantly tight. This can be remedied by using hand scrubs and masks. They are a perfect complement to daily care using creams and balms. Peeling/scrub will allow us to gently, non-invasively exfoliate dead skin. For this purpose, ingredients such as sugar particles, raspberry seeds or nut shells are used. We divide peelings into: for cavitation, enzymatic, AHA, coffee and sugar. The next step in hand and nail care are masks and care treatments. They are most often used at night because they need time to be absorbed and are thicker and richer. You can also use them during the day, but then it is recommended to wear special cotton cosmetic gloves.

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