Lovely makeup cosmetics

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Lovely is the younger sister of the Polish brand Wibo! It was established in 1995 in response to the needs of teenagers at that time. It combined incredibly high quality with an affordable price , thanks to which it also won the hearts of adult women. Lovely cosmetics and their packaging are charming, colorful, full of freshness and girlishness, and often with tempting fragrance notes . They are easy and pleasant to work with, making them perfect for inexperienced hands. Each product has not been tested on animals and is often enriched with care, moisturizing and nutritional ingredients. Additionally, the product formulas have been carefully thought out so as not to cause irritation and dryness on young skin, prone to imperfections and acne lesions. A wide range and easy availability of products that can compete with much more expensive brands have made Lovely win the hearts of countless women.

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