Mascara is a basic cosmetic that is found in almost every women's cosmetic bag. Already in ancient Egypt, its prototype was invented, which emphasized the eyes of the Pharaohs. Nowadays we have a huge choice between different brands and finishes we want to achieve. The most popular are thickening and lengthening mascaras, and mascaras that immediately thicken and lengthen eyelashes are often sought after. For straight hair, irreplaceable are those with a curling effect, thanks to which we can avoid using an eyelash curler. Waterproof mascara is perfect for summer, when we intensively bathe - in the sun or in the pool; also irreplaceable during important celebrations - saving our makeup from smearing. The toothbrush is also important - silicone, classic, or maybe with another sophisticated shape? Black or maybe brown? It is important that it perfectly separates and applies the cosmetic to the eyelashes. The wide range means that everyone has the opportunity to find their dream cosmetic, tailored to individual needs and tastes.

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