We can talk about the advantages of eye shadows for a really long time. These are one of those extremely universal cosmetics that are perfect for both everyday and evening make-up.

A huge variety of shades and finishes means that everyone can easily match the perfect set to their eye color or simply preferences.

Considering the large group of products we are dealing with here, it will certainly come as no surprise to you that our offer also includes eye shadows. On the contrary! There are so many of them that you will definitely find the perfect ones that will change your eye makeup. You're welcome!

How to match the perfect eye shadows to your eyelids?

Regardless of whether you are just starting your adventure with makeup or you have been interested in it for a long time, you certainly know that the choice of shadows cannot be completely random. Unfortunately, if you choose colors that are not completely suited to your beauty, you may achieve a different effect than intended. As a result, instead of painting yourself with the purchased colors often and willingly, they will only gather dust on the shelf.

However, it doesn't have to be this way. All you need to do is choose shades that will suit you well. Especially the color of the eyes, skin and hair. Be sure to also pay attention to how the shadow colors you choose harmonize with the eyebrows themselves.

If you don't know which variants to choose for your eyelids, don't worry! Use our tips, thanks to which you will easily choose the right shadows for your beauty type. The ones that are perfect for both everyday use and for a sudden evening out!

Match the appropriate formula

So far, you have been rather indifferent to eyeshadow palettes? The affirmative answer will mean that you may not be fully aware of what variants are even available for sale.

Well, you need to know that the most universal pressed eye shadows are extremely popular. The fact that so many women are happy to choose them is mainly due to the fact that they are very easy to apply and there are many different color variants available on the market. From the subdued and brightest ones to the completely crazy, heavily glittered ones that are simply hard to take your eyes off. Pressed shadows are a real must-have in the makeup bag of people who are just starting to apply makeup. We assure you that you will have no problems with applying them aesthetically, or even blending them out.

Publicly available loose shadows are also a great option. Their excellent pigmentation means that just a small amount allows you to create stunning makeup, which is the most important point of styling. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, you can apply such shadows with an appropriate brush or apply them with your fingers. This method will be especially beneficial for very intense shades that look good when applied in spots.

Or maybe you are interested in eye shadows that leave a semi-fluid and equally unique finish? If so, the increasingly popular liquid and cream eye shadows may be a good option for you. Contrary to what it might seem, using them is also easy, and the ability to intensify the selected color makes them perfect even for makeup enthusiasts! Cream or liquid eye shadow is perfect not only for special occasions. It will also be a great solution for everyday use when you want to achieve an aesthetic and natural make-up effect.

If you like to have products in your cosmetics bag that allow you to apply makeup quickly, choose eye shadow pencil. You don't even need a brush to apply it! All you have to do is apply them directly to your eyelid and you won't be able to look away from your gaze.

Are you interested in a ready-made eyeshadow palette or maybe a set of single eyeshadows?

Eyeshadow palettes are ready-made sets of different colors that allow you to create many different styles. From the simplest, everyday ones to the more evening and eye-catching ones. The availability of such cosmetics is huge, so you will certainly be able to find eyeshadow palettes whose colors will suit you very much.

However, if you are afraid that you will need a maximum of two or three colors to make your makeup, there is nothing stopping you from purchasing single colors. A great option would be, for example, to choose one base shade and buy another one or two which, when blended, will provide you with beautiful and long-lasting makeup.

Or maybe you'll just get your hands on an eyeshadow palette you've composed? You decide how it should be presented and what specific product variants should be included there. Only matte shadows? Or maybe some very strong pigment that will quickly become the most attention-grabbing element of your makeup? Your makeup is your rules! Compose eye shadows in the shades and formulas that appeal to you the most, so that everyday painting becomes a real pleasure.

Consider what colors you use most often

And speaking of the fact that eye shadows must be tailored to your individual needs as much as possible, it's time to think about the colors themselves! Think about what you like and what makes you feel comfortable. Classic, matte eye shadows are very popular, as they allow you to create really interesting styles. Such colors are perfect for everyday work, but also for going out with friends. Matte, delicate shades are a very safe option because most women look very good in such makeup. For this reason, beige, matte eye shadows are perfect for people who are just starting to wear makeup. In addition to beige, it is also worth paying attention to various types of browns, nudes, grays, as well as eye shadow palettes dominated by gold. This is one of those shades that simply highlights the eyes perfectly!

Matte shadows don't really appeal to you? Do you feel like they look boring and you want your makeup to be stunning? If so, nothing is lost! All you need to do is choose a product that will attract attention both with its colors and finish. And here, glitter shadows turn out to be the perfect choice - their sparkling particles shimmer beautifully and guarantee a unique look at any time of the day. Even the most intense ones can be easily applied with a brush. Be sure to check how your makeup will look when you choose different types of green, shades of blue, purple and even pink.

If you want, you can also choose an interesting combination! First, apply a classic, matte eye shadow, and then complement it with another color. Maybe there will be glitter pigments on your eyelid? Play with your makeup to make it look exactly the way you want it to!

Eye shadow and eye color

The specific eye shadows you choose will determine how your entire look will look.

And here you can be sure that by choosing shades that simply match your iris, you will create many make-ups that will delight.

Are your eyes green? If so, choose contrasting eyeshadow palettes with pinks, browns and purples. Of course, beige and gold will also work great. Yes, this is undoubtedly one of those colors that is simply - second to none! Brown eyes will like green, gold and navy blue shadows. Make-up using different shades of purple will also look fantastic - from the brightest to the more intense. Purple can become the dominant color or simply be an interesting complement to another previously used shade.

If you have blue eyes and light hair, choose eye shadows in elegant yet cold colors. Various grays, delicate purples, and simply blue shadows will go perfectly with your beauty colors. Don't forget about white too! Although it may seem that this is a color that is difficult to achieve a nice effect on the eyelids - just a few tries will make your eyes look incredibly good. Those with gray eyes can choose eyeshadow palettes containing cool green, as well as all kinds of graphite and gray shades. Eye shadows with more orange notes will also work great.

Eye shadow application step by step. How to make them look great on your eyelids?

Have you already chosen the perfect eye shadows that match your beauty? Fantastic! Then now learn how to apply them so that your entire eye makeup looks impeccable. Remember that individual eye shadows have different formulas, so make sure to use the right tools for their application.

  • Start by properly preparing your eyelids for application. It is best if they are degreased, so that the selected shadows do not collect in the folds or roll unsightly. However, you don't have to buy a special eye shadow base right away. All you need to do is mattify the area with powder or apply a relatively thin layer of concealer.

  • If you have classic loose eye shadows, apply them with an appropriately cut and soft brush. It's best to choose a smaller one, which will allow you to reach every place on the eyelid without any problems.

  • Do not apply too many shadows and do not press the brush very hard. Such action may lead to unsightly stains! It's better to apply less cosmetics and then maybe add a little more.

  • Apply the shadows from the inner corner of the eye outwards. If you use several colors, remember to blend the transitions between them well.

Check out what eye shadows are waiting for you at Ladymakeup

At Ladymakeup, we meet your needs and expectations, which is why this category offers a very diverse range of eye shadows. We focus on cooperation with unique and proven brands, so you can be sure that the eye shadows you purchase will be the perfect choice! You can choose eyeshadow palettes from Makeup Revolution, Golden Rose, Kiko Milano, Ibra, Lamel, Affect, NYX, Eveline Cosmetics, and Hean, among others. Of course, our proposals also include single shadows.

All this so that you can easily find a product that will delight you. Which eye shadows available in this category will become your favorites?

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