Creams and balms for hand care

Beautiful and well-groomed hands are a person's calling card. However, it is difficult to achieve this effect when they are exposed to many harmful factors, detergents, abrasions and injuries every day. The result is a feeling of very dry, tight and papery skin. In extreme cases, severe irritation or cracking of the epidermis may occur. This can be remedied by frequent and regular hand care. It is used for hand creams, hand and nail creams and highly concentrated hand balms with strong properties, including: moisturizing, regenerating, oiling, protective, revitalizing and brightening discolorations. One of the best products is a cream with urea, which strongly moisturizes, smoothes and softens; as well as natural, antibacterial and paraben-free creams. We can distinguish creams with a light, quickly absorbing formula and those with a more thick and rich formula, ideal for evening care.

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