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Body care through the centuries

The body is a "tool" that serves us throughout our lives, so we should take care of it, pay attention to the needs of the skin, and get used to daily care. As with any machine, when one part fails, it adversely affects the overall functioning. It is the same with the human body. When we struggle with various problems that negatively affect the overall condition of the skin, our well-being, self-esteem and mental well-being also suffer. This is a sign to familiarize yourself with appropriate care treatments tailored to her specialized needs.

Over the centuries and depending on civilization, the approach to body care has varied significantly. For example, in ancient times in Greece, Athens, Sparta and Egypt, people took great care of their complexion and body appearance. Fragrant oils were used to rub the entire body, and fragrant baths were often taken. At the same time, honey-based masks were used, and perfumes were created from herbs and flowers, which were also used in home medicine. The peeling was made of powdered alabaster or bran. Balms based on oils and waxes were also popular and provided excellent nourishment and hydration.

In contrast are the Middle Ages, where the culture of daily face and body care was practically non-existent and was limited only to washing the face and hands. Baths were actually taken once a year.

Regular body care improves the condition of the skin

Nowadays, we are more and more aware of ourselves and our bodies. The fashion for healthy eating, natural cosmetics and a generally healthy, conscious lifestyle is coming back into favor. More and more often, we turn to the knowledge of our ancestors regarding skin care and other areas. In a word, retro fashion is back!

Moisturizing the skin is the basic procedure that we should focus on when taking care of our body. Failure to do so may result in dry skin and faster skin aging. It is also worth enriching your body care with creams with SPF (especially in the summer) or cosmetics with vitamin C, because they counteract and combat discoloration, as well as rejuvenate and prevent the rapid loss of collagen in the epidermis.

Regular peeling of the face and the whole body helps to get rid of old, calloused epidermis, smoothes the skin surface, at the same time it is ideal for cleansing pores of impurities and prevents ingrown hairs, which makes it perfect before and after depilation.

Another element in body care is the use of good cleansing products containing effective, yet gentle active ingredients for the skin. Bathing doesn't have to be boring. Allow yourself a dose of courage and madness and choose bath bombs and foams that will turn it into a relaxing SPA for your body and mind. After bathing, it is worth reaching for balms and creams with a tempting scent that will remain on the skin long after the bath.

Let's not forget about intimate hygiene and antiperspirants! Both products will protect us against unpleasant situations, such as excessive sweating, unpleasant odor, mucous membrane irritation and burning sensation.

To sum up, regularity and well-selected products are important in skin care. The best cosmetics are those that are tailored to her individual needs and are rich in active care ingredients, such as shea butter, panthenol, vitamin E, ceramides, urea, and plant extracts and oils.

Products for daily care

The appearance of facial and body skin is our calling card. Already at the first meeting we are judged based on it. A well-groomed body, well-chosen outfit and makeup open many doors for us: to getting our dream job, making new friends or simply improving our self-esteem. At the same time, an inappropriate diet negatively affects skin health.

But what if imperfections and other problems appear while taking care of its appearance? It is worth paying attention to what cosmetics you use, because the wrong choice can often cause the problem or intensify its negative effects. An example would be a product with SLS, SLES or ALS, which will strongly cleanse the skin, but its regular or daily use may damage the natural skin barrier. This may result in excessive sebum secretion.

Choosing the right cosmetics can often be overwhelming at first. Over time, when we learn the needs of our body through observation, it will no longer be so difficult. At the very beginning, however, it is worth paying special attention to vegan care cosmetics with natural ingredients and cruelty-free products (i.e. those where no animals were harmed at any stage of production).

Products such as creamy body balms, bath and shower gels, care oils and milks, antiperspirants and liquid soaps will help us in our daily body care.

What cosmetics should you choose at Ladymakeup?

It is worth paying special attention to the individual needs of the skin. Every person is different and although we have a lot in common, the problems we struggle with are often so different and dependent on many environmental factors that it is up to us to pay attention to them and assess whether, for example, a cosmetic recommended by a friend is also suitable for us. .

Good care cosmetics don't have to be expensive! In our store you will find a range of products that are both effective and cheap. In the Ladymakeup store you will find all the necessary cosmetics for skin care at home, for example:

  • Balms, milks and creams for body care. In this category, everyone will find the perfect cosmetic for their needs, e.g. for dry skin,

  • Cleansing gels and butters that remove dirt and impurities from the body surface without disturbing its natural protective barrier, so they do not cause irritation even in the case of very sensitive skin.

  • Serum and oils providing comprehensive care and strong hydration, making them ideal for the care of, for example, dry skin.

  • Body scrubs and scrubs that will help us get rid of dead skin cells.

  • Highlighters are products that provide the skin with a radiant appearance.

Additionally, essential cosmetics in every bathroom are cosmetics with versatile effects, such as aloe gel, which perfectly moisturizes, soothes and soothes, and at the same time refreshes and gently cools. It can be used as a facial care cream, for irritations after depilation or make-up removal, as well as for body care, because it strongly moisturizes and smoothes the skin. It is also perfect as a substitute for a hair mask to restore the appropriate level of moisture and hydration to the strands.

The best cosmetics in our store are products of well-known and popular cosmetic brands. When choosing cosmetics, it is worth choosing cosmetic companies such as: Eveline Cosmetics, Dermacol, AA, Ziaja, Bielenda, LaQ, Avon, L'Oreal, Garnier, SVR, Tołpa, Bingospa, Yope and many others.

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