Classic nail polishes

Do you love painting your nails? Do you often decide to change your styles? Can't you imagine wearing one color for several weeks? At the same time, do you want to take good care of your nail plate and thus have a long, strong and injury-resistant manicure? If so, you've come to the right place!


In this category of our Ladymakeup online store, you will choose classic nail polishes that delight with their beautiful shades and high intensity. Additionally, they are easy to apply and spread very easily. You can choose sets of nail polishes or individual pieces. We offer products that are perfect for both beauty salons and home use. You're welcome.

Classic nail polishes and their greatest advantages

Although it may seem that classic nail polishes are no longer as popular as before, many women still decide to choose them. Especially since they are a real remedy for weakened nails. They allow you to strengthen them without having to give up your favorite shades. Classic nail polish does not have to dry for a long time, nor does it have to have a consistency that makes it impossible to paint the nail plate easily. On the contrary! By choosing the right products, you will ensure that creating a perfect manicure or precisely painting the toe plate will not pose any challenge.


Find a good nail polish that is the perfect choice for both fingernail painting and pedicure!


Currently, there are a lot of great products available which, in addition to delightful colors and durability, are also characterized by a very attractive price and, most importantly, a great composition. Thanks to safe and valuable ingredients, you can enjoy the beautiful appearance of your nails and at the same time be sure that you take care of their condition. Yes, a combination of these features can go hand in hand.

How to make traditional nail polishes stay on the nail plate longer?

Have you been held back from choosing a classic nail polish by the fear that your painted nails won't last long? Do you have the impression that it is difficult to find a product from this category that lasts on your nails for a really long time?


If so, you may have chosen products whose quality was not of the highest standard. Change this and choose high-quality, classic varnishes that look good on the nail plate and are resistant to chipping or other kinks. The durability of your manicure and pedicure itself will also be influenced by how you prepare your nails for painting.


And here, choosing all good-quality painting bases is an absolutely excellent choice, thanks to which the nail plate is strengthened and the durability of the varnish is significantly extended. The big advantage of such bases is that they allow you to gently smooth out any unevenness, and thus make the nail polish applied later look better. Before you start painting, also take care of the condition of your cuticles. Cut them well or move them aside to have an even nicer and, most importantly, very well-groomed styling.

Quick-drying classic varnishes – why is it worth choosing them?

Do you want to have beautiful and well-groomed nails, but at the same time you don't want to waste your time waiting long enough for classic nail polish to dry? If so, the so-called quick-drying classic varnishes. As the name suggests, these are products that dry very quickly on the nail plate. Additionally, they stick to the nails very well, so you can return to your classic activities after just a few seconds, without worrying about chips or marks resulting from contact with any objects.

Check what to pay attention to always enjoy a perfect manicure

Does taking care of the aesthetic appearance of your hands and feet have to be very troublesome? Definitely not. The key to enjoying beautiful styles will be both choosing the right product and ensuring its proper application, as well as the already mentioned preparation of the nail plate.


No, nail polish will not look good if you apply it on an unevenly filed or heavily overgrown cuticle plate.


Create styles in which the varnish is painted close to the cuticles, and at the same time its consistency is applied as evenly as possible and without any streaks. And although it may seem very difficult at first, over time you will see that it is extremely simple.


Technique makes perfect, and in the case of nail painting, regular practice brings better and better results.

Perfect painting with classic nail polish step by step.

  • Start by giving your nails the desired shape and length. You can use a milling machine, cutters, and a suitably hard file. Remember not to cut your nails too short! This can cause bad discomfort.


  • After filing the tile, gently remove the cuticles. For this purpose, it is worth using a special softening preparation, which will not only make styling easier, but also more painless.

  • Did you manage to get rid of your cuticles effectively? Excellent! So now make sure that your tile is properly even and degreased. For this, you will need not only the base itself, but also a cleaner, thanks to which you will effectively improve the adhesion of the varnish you have chosen.

  • Before you start painting your nails, make sure to wash your hands well. This way you will get rid of any dust and dirt that could negatively affect the appearance of your tile.

  • When painting your nails, pay special attention to the cuticle area and the free edges.

  • After your nails dry, make sure to clean them well. We are talking especially about places around the cuticles - for this purpose it is worth using, for example, wooden sticks.

The best classic nail polishes in the Ladymakeup offer

Do you like matte nail polishes the most? Or maybe you love the shiny effect? Are you interested in products that you can use in your beauty salon or those that will allow you to paint your nails at home? Regardless of the answer, it is best to immediately check what products we have prepared for you at Ladymakeup. We focus on great diversity, and we constantly follow cosmetic trends, so we can offer you products that are hard to ignore.


Our offer includes both very light and, on the contrary, completely dark colors of varnishes, from which it is difficult to take your eyes off them. It's up to you whether you will use them to create a classic styling or an interesting decoration? It's time for perfect nails that are hard to look away from!


The nail polishes available in our offer combine the best possible applications. On the one hand, they will allow you to enjoy a perfect manicure without streaks, on the other hand, their choice will improve the condition of your nail plate. See that you will find products with unique vitamins and other ingredients that have regenerating properties.

Choose nail polishes in the most fashionable colors for a beautiful manicure

Don't wait any longer and choose a classic nail polish that will meet your expectations. Or maybe you won't limit yourself to one color and choose several different ones? Due to the fact that our offer is very diverse, we are sure that every woman will find something for herself here.


Add classic, matte and glossy nail polishes to your cart from the best manufacturers appreciated on the market. Among the TOP brands we cooperate with, you will find products from Golden Rose, Essence, Sally Hansen, Inglot, Vipera, Rimmel, NeoNail and Catrice. Check them all out one by one and find the perfect color for you. Check our offer.

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