Lip glosses

You like to use classic lipsticks, but you feel like making some changes? Are you looking for a product that is easy to apply and can be applied even without using a mirror? Invite to your beautician a beautiful... lip gloss! This is a unique and at the same time underrated cosmetic that will give you many possibilities in everyday makeup.

Choose a flawless lip look now! The lip glosses you will find in this category of our online drugstore will undoubtedly provide you with this. Time for shopping!

Lip gloss is an element of makeup that is hard not to pay attention to

If until now you associated lip glosses only with products used by teenagers and young girls, it's time to change that. Such cosmetics are also fantastic for painting the lips of older women. They add charm, reflect light wonderfully, and make the makeup look light and very pleasant.

In addition, their great advantage is that they can be freely applied in virtually any place, not only in front of the bathroom mirror. All because it does not require great precision or concentration. If you are often short of time and at the same time want to take care of the appearance of your lips, it is best to immediately reach for an interesting lip gloss!

Can lip gloss have care properties?

Nowadays, lip glosses produced very often are products that not only add color or make the lips beautifully shiny. These types of cosmetics also combine care properties, making them a fantastic choice for virtually any weather outside. Depending on the needs of your lips, you can choose moisturizing, protective or highly nutritious variants.

Who said that caring for the appearance of your lips and their condition cannot go hand in hand? Definitely can! Choose lip glosses with the right ingredients. Hyaluronic acid, vitamins aloe, panthenol, natural oils or e.g. shea butter are ingredients that will have a positive impact on the condition of your lips. And you certainly want them to be in good shape.

Why is a good lip gloss a product worth having in your purse?

Even if you focus on perfect makeup and well-defined and eye-catching lips every day, lip gloss is one of those products that is simply worth having in your bag. It is a fantastic alternative to highly pigmented, heavy and quickly hardening lipsticks, which can sometimes lead to excessive drying of the lips and highlight dry cuticles.

If your lips need proper regeneration and softening, switching from lipsticks to lip glosses will be highly recommended. You don't have to give up the beautiful color of your smile, but there's nothing stopping you from taking care of it at the same time.

Lip glosses

Lip glosses have recently become very popular as they not only nourish and add color, but also optically enlarge the lips. Is it even possible? Definitely yes! Thanks to such cosmetics, your lips will become fuller and gain a healthy volume - without having to choose various types of fillers. It's up to you whether you use such lip gloss on your entire lips or only on one lip to slightly minimize the disproportion. Lip glosses that enlarge lips contain appropriate extracts and other substances, e.g. chili, caffeine, mint or cinnamon, thanks to which it is possible to obtain the effect of optically larger lips.

The product applied to the lips works very quickly and the effect lasts up to several hours. Remember that at the very beginning of application you may experience slight tingling and stinging, which is a completely normal reaction.

How to take care of your lips so that the lip gloss looks good?

You certainly know that the final appearance of makeup is influenced not only by the products used or the method of application, but also by how the skin is prepared for painting. So what should you do to make your lips look impeccable and the applied lip gloss look beautiful?

Remember to take proper care of this area on a daily basis. Take care to remove make-up properly and do not allow any remnants of colored cosmetics to remain on your lips. The thin skin of the lips is very susceptible to damage, so it is worth taking care of them both in summer and winter. Use special lip scrubs and don't forget about a well-moisturizing protective lipstick. You can use it even several times a day, and it is especially worth applying it before bed.

If you use strong preparations in your facial care, e.g. those containing acids, always apply them at an appropriate distance from your lips so as not to irritate them.

Systematic care of your lips will make them look great, and the applied lip gloss will make them even more charming and attract attention.

Discover the diverse selection of lip glosses at Ladymakeup

If a new lip gloss is on your "to buy" list, you will certainly find something for yourself in our online drugstore. You can choose products that have been proven by many people or completely new products that will emphasize the energizing appearance of your lips.

Especially for you, we have prepared both colorful and transparent, but beautifully shiny products. Are you interested in red, brown or... blue lip gloss? Or maybe you want to choose one of our creamy proposals in a beige shade that will make your lips look flawless?

At Ladymakeup you will find many lip glosses from very popular brands. Choose cosmetics from Essence, Makeup Revolution, Nyx, Claresa, Rimmel, Golden Rose or Wibo. Check out our entire offer and enjoy properly moisturized, shiny and radiant lips.

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