Self-tanning cosmetics and gloves for applying self-tanners

Self-tanners are now synonymous with skin safety. They are an excellent alternative to visits to solariums and natural tanning, which often irritate and have a harmful effect on the epidermis. There are many self-tanners on the market for the face and body that darken the skin by up to several tones, giving a very natural effect. It is important to purchase the appropriate preparation for light or dark skin. It may be: liquid self-tanner, bronzing milk, illuminating body bronzer, self-tanning mist, or self-tanner in mousse or foam. Each of these products does not affect melanin, it only reaches the initial layers of the epidermis and darkens them. Over time, the epidermis exfoliates and the tan fades and begins to disappear. It is worth making sure that the cosmetic we buy does not have an artificial and unpleasant scent, which will make the application more pleasant; it was without orange tones (we recommend the ST.MORIZ brand) and with natural and harmless DHA. However, to achieve a natural tan, without streaks, stains and stains, it is worth investing in a special self-tanner glove that is reusable. It will help us apply it efficiently and evenly, thus avoiding discoloration on our hands.

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