Oral and teeth care

A healthy and shiny smile is the dream of many people. It makes us feel better and more confident in many situations and social interactions. This can be brought closer to us by regular oral and dental hygiene. The basic duo that should be in every bathroom is: a toothbrush with the shape and softness of the bristles adapted to our needs and toothpaste. There are many of them on the market and we can choose whichever one we want. There are whitening products with activated carbon, strengthening enamel, removing coffee and tea stains, against periodontal disease and bleeding gums, against caries, and many others with different flavors, scents, and gentleness levels. The next step is to use an oral hygiene liquid, which will not replace brushing your teeth, but will freshen your breath, help get rid of food remnants, protect against plaque and maintain the appropriate pH. We can choose, among others: Gentle fabric softeners without alcohol, whitening with activated carbon and natural composition.

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