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Gosh brand - history

The Gosh company was founded in 1945 in Copenhagen. However, it was not until 1980 that it achieved spectacular success, entering foreign cosmetic markets in many countries. From the beginning of its existence, the brand drew inspiration from the surrounding Scandinavian nature and the plants found there. Thanks to this, all the cosmetics it offers are characterized by high quality, vegan composition and the fact that they are not tested on animals.

Gosh - Philosophy and assumptions

Gosh Copenhagen creates its cosmetics in accordance with the Hygge philosophy, a specific philosophy of happiness that aims to harmoniously combine personal and professional life. The word Hygge, when translated from Norwegian into Polish, means well-being or something nice and beautiful. And it is the balance between the best possible composition and reliable and effective action that Gosh wants to achieve in its cosmetics.

The brand focuses on ecological aspects and innovation, which is reflected in their environmental responsibility and high-quality cosmetics and perfumes with concern for the environment. Scandinavian quality, care for the natural environment, clean composition and beneficial effects ensure the brand's products recognition around the world and unflagging popularity.

Gosh products - Facial makeup

The brand offers products that are specially adapted to sensitive skin and Scandinavian weather conditions. Therefore, they are characterized by high durability and mild, hypoallergenic formulas using vegan ingredients.

Gosh specializes in creating good quality facial make-up cosmetics. The brand's products include very popular mascaras, which are highly durable, give a dazzling look and are friendly even to very sensitive and allergic eyelid skin. Additionally, they last all day long, ensuring flirty and expressive eyelashes.

The best-selling mascara that undoubtedly looks spectacular on every woman's eyelashes, even without the use of an eyelash curler, is Catchy Eyes, which does not appear on the eyelid. It is available in several variants, also in a version that is resistant to sweat, tears and water.

Another product worth paying attention to are make-up bases, which are an essential element of every make-up. Thanks to them, cosmetics adhere better to the skin, and everyday make-up stays intact much longer. Gosh makeup bases are designed for all skin types and contain ingredients that help keep makeup in place for many hours. One of the most popular bases is Facelift Primer, which after use gives a fashionable Glass Skin effect.

Gosh mineral powders are another product worth having in your cosmetics bag. They are perfect for those who value a natural look and the comfort of wearing makeup. They contain natural active ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the skin and allow it to maintain balance, i.e. they do not disturb the skin's natural hydrolipid barrier.

One of the most popular powders in our store is Mineral Powder, which does not burden the skin when used, does not give a mask effect, and does not fall out, so it can also be used under the eyes.

Additionally, the brand also offers many other colorful cosmetics, such as: lip glosses and lipsticks, eyebrow lamination gel, eyeliners, foundations, bronzers and lip liners.

Cosmetics for body and hair care

Gosh also offers a diverse range of body and hair care products. They all contain high concentration ingredients that are designed to keep the body smooth, nourished and moisturized. They are quickly absorbed by the skin, so the effects are visible immediately after applying the product.

The range of care products includes: from cosmetics such as: shampoos and conditioners for all types of hair (including long, straight, curly, etc.), deodorants and moisturizing creams. Thanks to them, the skin gains not only a beautiful, but also a healthy appearance.

Perfumes for women and men

The Gosh brand also offers a range of unique perfumes for women and men. Their recipes are carefully composed to emphasize the individuality of each person and their unique style and colorful personality.

Among the Gosh perfume range, everyone will find something for themselves - from fresh and energizing citrus scents to sensual and seductive floral notes.

Popular products include: GOSHE SHE WOMEN, Original Musk Oil and Dreams by Isabell Kristensen

Gosh cosmetics = Vegan formulas - no ingredients of animal origin

Taking into account current trends and growing consumer awareness, Gosh creates products for people who care about the environment and supporters of animal rights. None of the brand's cosmetics contain ingredients of animal origin. Such self-awareness, which even today is not found among all popular brands, means that Gosh cares deeply about animals and human health.

Taking care of the environment is equally important for the brand. Therefore, the packaging of Gosh products is environmentally friendly, and the company itself strives to minimize the negative impact on the planet.


Gosh is a brand that combines Scandinavian style, the highest quality and care for the environment. Offering a wide range of facial makeup cosmetics, Gosh provides its customers with products that are fully consistent with their individual needs and preferences, as well as the quality of the cosmetic.

Caring for humans, animals, the environment and all organisms on our planet, the brand uses the highest quality products in its recipes, and at the same time ensures a healthy, natural and vegan composition. In one word, Gosh is a brand worth trusting.

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