Hybrid varnishes

Beautifully and precisely painted nails and properly cared for hands are the true showcase of every woman. If you pay a lot of attention to your makeup and at the same time give up caring about the condition and appearance of your nail plate, it is definitely worth changing it. Especially since caring for and beautifying these areas will not take you much time. Make friends with hybrid nail polishes and use them to create styles that will look impeccable even for several weeks. Hybrids are a fantastic alternative to traditional varnish. They are distinguished by high durability and strong color pigmentation.


At Ladymakeup, we prove that nail styling can be simple and pleasant. The extremely wide range of colors of hybrid nail polishes and styling accessories we have prepared are both a response to the needs of beauty salons and those who paint their nails at home. If this is your first contact with such products, learn now the most important advantages of hybrid varnish and... choose the perfect one for yourself! Or maybe you will  straight away decide on a few different colors?

Why are hybrid varnishes so popular?

It's hard to deny that hybrid varnishes have literally been breaking popularity records for years. Their biggest advantage is that they stay on the nails in perfect condition for up to several days. Extremely high durability goes hand in hand with resistance to various types of chips and scratches.


In short, painting with such varnishes saves both time and money. The application itself is safe, fast, and most importantly - it allows you to enjoy the long-lasting effect of a well-groomed and beautiful-looking nail plate. Nails painted with hybrids look very natural. This is all thanks to the fact that a relatively small amount of the selected color is enough to cover them thoroughly.


Of course, many different factors will influence the durability of manicure and pedicure made with such varnishes. From the proper preparation of the nail plate, to the selection of high-quality products, and the skillful execution of nail styling.

Good hybrid varnishes - what are they?

If you are choosing an interesting hybrid varnish for the first time, you will certainly wonder what the characteristics of a good one should be? First of all, you need to know that such preparations are nothing more than a combination of classic varnishes with gel ones, so it is necessary to harden them under the light of a UV LED lamp. A good hybrid varnish will have a safe composition, intense color and consistency that makes painting easier.


When purchasing, it is also worth paying attention to the brush itself - it is good that it is not too wide, and especially not too thin, because painting the tile without leaving streaks on it may turn out to be very difficult. If your priority is to save time as much as possible, choose more creamy products with a thick consistency, because when applying them, even one layer is often enough. It is good that the selected hybrid varnish guarantees your nails a natural and smooth appearance - without streaks, bubbles and other defects that destroy the effect of styling.

Perfect hybrid manicure – how to do it?

Unfortunately, even the best hybrid varnish will not allow you to enjoy beautiful nails if you do not ensure proper application.


  • Before each painting, start by properly preparing the tile and cuticles.

  • First, give your nails the desired shape - but do not cut them too short, so that you can later easily secure the free edges with your chosen hybrid.

  • Pay attention to the cuticles - you can push them back or cut them off. Here again - try to be as gentle as possible so as not to tear them and make the area around the tile look very dry.

  • Polish the tile using a special polishing block and use an appropriate degreaser. This way, you can be sure that the painting products used will have good adhesion.

  • Before you reach for hybrid varnish, be sure to apply a base first! Using it will allow you to perfectly smooth the nail plate and build its shape, making your nails look impeccable. By using the base, you will create a dispersion layer on your nails, thanks to which even very saturated shades will delight you with their high durability for many weeks.

  • Now it's time to apply the hybrid itself! Choose a delicate color, perfect for everyday use, or choose a stronger, more energizing option. Apply thin layers and remember that in the case of light colors, you may need several coats for full coverage.

  • After applying the varnish and hardening, finish and protect the whole thing with a top coat. Finally, wipe your nails with a degreaser. Or maybe you will choose innovative products that no longer need degreasing?

At the beginning of your adventure with hybrids, the time needed to achieve a perfect styling may be long, but after a dozen or so attempts you will certainly be able to do it faster and with the most satisfactory effect.

Before styling, make sure your hands look healthy and beautiful

To have a beautiful hybrid, not only the matching shade or the right time for hardening your nails in the lamp will be important. When styling, it is also worth paying attention to the condition of your hands. All you need to do is exfoliate and nourish your skin well the day before you paint your nails. It is best to use creams and masks regularly so that your skin is not dry and looks healthy and radiant. You can take care of the condition of the cuticles on your nails by using various types of olives and special butters.

Why do hybrid nails deteriorate quickly?

You already know that hybrid nails are extremely durable. But what to do when the styling doesn't last very long and the selected varnish... just comes off in flakes?

Before you start painting, be sure to check if you are not making very common mistakes. Unfortunately, they can have a big impact on the final appearance, as well as the durability of the styling.

  • No matting or degreasing of the tile.

  • Applying very thick layers of products.

  • Excessive flooding of cuticles.

  • Not painting the edges of the nails.

  • Inappropriate storage of nail polish, base coat or top coat.

  • Curing time too short/too long.

  • Using expired hybrid varnish.

By paying attention to the above-mentioned aspects, you will ensure that your hybrid manicure and pedicure looks flawless and lasts a really long time.

How to remove hybrid varnish from nails?

Hybrid varnishes provide very high durability, so their washing/removal must be adapted to the characteristic formula of these products. Unfortunately, classic nail polish remover will not help here. You need to buy the so-called remover, i.e. a liquid intended for removing hybrids. In addition, you will also need special foil, dust-free cotton pads, a wooden stick and a nail file. This form of removing the hybrid takes several minutes because you have to wait for the remover to work.

You can also choose to remove hybrids with a milling machine, but this method is recommended for people who are already well acquainted with hybrid nail styling. Using a milling machine is not the easiest task because you need to be very careful. It's easy to damage the delicate tile here!

The best hybrid varnishes at Ladymakeup

At Ladymakeup, we have prepared a wide selection of products for the beauty industry, as well as for women who choose to perform manicures and pedicures at home. Our wide offer includes products for special tasks that you can use to create very everyday or, on the contrary, unique styling for important occasions. We have prepared a rich offer,  in which you will find both very light and completely dark colors. Thanks to this, we are sure that every woman will find something for herself here.

Are you interested in white hybrid varnish that goes perfectly with tanned skin? Or maybe you want to go for intense, neon pink? Are you most fond of hybrid nail polishes that delight with their nude shades? Whatever your answer, you're sure to find something for yourself here! Check out our offer, which includes hybrid nail polishes from brands such as Claresa, NeoNail, Palu, Kabos, Hi Hybrid, Golden Rose, Kinetics, and Pierre René. You will appreciate their unique shades and quick curing time.

Accessories necessary for performing hybrid manicure

Now you can enjoy simple and pleasant shopping in one place. Yes! Our offer includes not only hybrid nail polishes, but also other products and accessories that are necessary during styling. We're talking about bases, tops and even building nail gels. Moreover, this category also includes liquids for washing and degreasing nails, dust, metallic foils and stamping plates. Check out all the products available, which are perfectly created for special tasks!

Our nail styling tools are the perfect choice for all people who want to enjoy a well-groomed and nice-looking nail plate. Have a nice shopping!

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