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A Polish leader in the beauty industry who creates cosmetics for people who value their individuality and like to experiment with makeup. The brand offers a wide selection of makeup cosmetics. Their high durability and quality make Inglot gain an increasingly wider group of customers around the world. The main motto of the brand is the slogan "Makeup is your playground with your rules of the game - play with colors and create your products as unique as you!". An extremely important element is that Inglot products are not tested on animals and most of them are vegan. formula.

History of creation

It was founded in 1983 by Wojciech Inglot, who decided to open his own company in his hometown of Przemyśl. The first cosmetic released by the brand was nail polish. Then the offer included eye shadows and lipsticks. The next step is to expand the range to include lines of skin care cosmetics and facial makeup accessories. An extremely important fact is that the Inglot brand is the author of the first personalized makeup palette on the market, in which cosmetics from the iconic Freedom System collection can be placed.

Over 40 years, the company has introduced numerous innovations, cooperated with various personalities from the beauty industry, participated in fashion events and continued to develop its offer, always remaining in line with consumer expectations.

Inglot nail polishes

The first product among Inglot cosmetics that is still very popular today is nail polishes. Pleasant application, rich color palette, durability and high quality - that's why it's worth trying them right away.

Facial makeup cosmetics

The brand is famous primarily for colorful cosmetics for make-up of the face, eyes and lips. Among them we can distinguish:

  • Inglot foundations are perfect combinations of unique formulas that can be adapted to different skin tones. Cosmetics available in various types, from matte to moisturizing or with a lifting effect, to meet the needs and types of skin.

  • Inglot eye shadows in various top shades that are the basis for creating perfect eye makeup.

  • Inglot lipsticks beautifully highlight the lips, giving them shine, and most importantly, care for the thin skin of the lips.

  • Inglot cosmetics for eyebrow makeup make everyday eyebrow styling seem extremely easy.

Bestseller - Inglot eye shadows

The absolute bestseller of the Inglot brand are eye shadows. Thanks to them, you can create beautiful eye makeup for any occasion. Their velvety formula with intense colors with various finishes will emphasize and add depth to the look. Their formula is durable, smudge-resistant and easy to spread, which allows for precise application and blending.

A magnetic palette of your choice with the iconic Freedom System. A huge selection of eye shadow colors encourages you to create your own unique eye shadow palette tailored to your color preferences and style.

Care products from the Inglot brand

The Inglot brand is famous primarily for its wide range of makeup cosmetics, but its offer also includes skin care products. These include: micellar fluids for make-up removal, facial serums and moisturizing creams, balms and body oils. And if your lips need strengthening, especially in autumn, when lower temperatures and wind irritate the delicate skin, an intensively regenerating lip mask comes to the rescue.

Makeup accessories - Brushes

Choosing the right brushes is a very important issue. The type of bristles, length and shape are very important when applying makeup. The brand's brushes are characterized by high quality, thanks to which they enable precise and even application of cosmetics. With Inglot you can create your own set of irreplaceable brushes.

Inglot cosmetics in our store

Do you want perfect makeup that will highlight your innate beauty? We invite you to shop at our online store, where you will find many Inglot products that are the most popular and at reasonable prices.

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