Face powders

It's time to finish your makeup and make it look flawless. A well-fitting face powder will help you with this, thanks to which you will fix previously applied color cosmetics and reduce the secretion of sebum.

Check what else makes powders an indispensable element of a well-equipped cosmetic bag and discover all the variants we offer in the Ladymakeup store.

How to find the perfect face powder for yourself?

Each skin is different and therefore has completely different needs. For this reason, it is worth making sure to choose color cosmetics in accordance with your personal preferences.

Not only your skin type will be important, but also what final make-up look you are interested in. Find out what you should pay attention to before buying powder so that you can enjoy the best possible cosmetic.

Face powders and skin types

Contrary to what you might think, your skin type should influence not only the care products you choose, but also the makeup products you choose.

If your skin is dry and protruding cuticles are easily visible, a loose powder with moisturizing properties will be a good choice. Mattifying powders are suitable for oily skin, as they not only fix makeup but also reduce excess sebum.

The illuminating powder will work on all skin types except oily. Thanks to this cosmetic, you can easily shape your face and create a subtle glow effect. Recommended for all skin types, the transparent powder is perfect for quick make-up corrections, even without the need to use a mirror. It is a transparent product that perfectly fixes makeup.

For people struggling with skin imperfections, a good choice will be correcting powder, which can be freely applied to the entire face or to selected areas.

In addition to fixation, mineral powders are also appreciated for their care properties. They work well on all skin types, especially sensitive skin that is prone to irritation.

Face powders and their consistencies

At Ladymakeup you will find classic loose powders or pressed and baked variants. The choice of an interesting formula will influence both the method of application and how the selected cosmetic will ultimately look.

What are the characteristics of loose powders?

Loose powders are a very good choice for all skin types, especially oily and combination skin. With their help, you can freely build coverage - from minimal to very strong. The light formula does not burden the skin and provides it with a healthy and radiant appearance.

Loose powders are applied with a brush or sponge, so it is best to use them at home. The big advantage of such a product is that its excess can be easily removed, which makes it perfect even for people who are just starting their adventure with makeup.

Pressed powders and their properties

At Ladymakeup, you will also find pressed powders for facial makeup, which are equally popular. This is primarily due to their easy storage and application. Pressed powder, also known as stone powder, is perfect for carrying in a purse. The packages often include a special puff and a mirror, which allows you to make corrections almost anywhere.

Check out the best face powders from Ladymakeup

Our offer includes a very wide selection of powders that will allow you to enjoy flawless makeup. Choose your favorite one that will fix your make-up, mask minor imperfections and make your skin glow.

You can try the transparent Sheer Finish Loose Powder from Lumene, which is perfect for fixing makeup. It blends into the skin and suits any skin tone. Its ultra-light, finely ground formula has brightening and moisturizing properties. This powder will allow you to mask imperfections and can be applied all over the face.

Glowing Powder from Paese is an iconic face powder that provides the perfect effect of subtle illumination. It evens out the skin tone and restores its healthy, radiant appearance. The Soft Focus effect makes the skin look perfect not only in real life, but also in photos. The cosmetic disperses light and optically smoothes all facial lines and wrinkles.

If you prefer to choose illuminating powders, check out the variant of the Affect brand, specifically Charming Glow Pressed Powder. It will provide your skin with a subtle and velvety glow with a natural finish. You will find as many as 94% ingredients of natural origin. This cosmetic is available in 2 color versions.

Mattifying Mineral Powder from Golden Rose is a mineral variant that impresses with its smoothly ground, pressed formula. After using it, the skin becomes silky soft and smooth, and the product itself has been enriched with ingredients that care for the skin. It gives a matte finish and is available in several different colors.

Find a face powder that suits your needs

Bamboo powder is a plant alternative to mineral powders. In this category, we can recommend a cosmetic from the Ingrid brand, i.e. Fix And Mat Effect loose powder, which works well on all skin types. You will like it for its perfect smoothness and high degree of matting. It contains silk proteins that moisturize the skin very well.

HD Loose Powder mineral powder from Lovely will help you reduce excess sebum and will stay on your skin all day long. Due to its transparent formula, it is perfect for all skin types. It will even work well for makeup around the eyes.

Barley Pressed Powder from Ecocera is suitable for all skin types. Perfectly fixes makeup, mattifies and evens out the face tone. Additionally, it soothes acne lesions and effectively slows down the aging process. It does not emphasize dry skin, wrinkles or pores, and its composition delights with the presence of magnesium, vitamins, zinc and selenium.

The products described are just a few of many that are waiting for you at Ladymakeup. Depending on the finish, color and form of application you are interested in, you will certainly find at least a few options for yourself.

Face powder - an indispensable part of every make-up

As you can see, in our store you will find powders that are the perfect addition to any full makeup look. Regardless of whether you are looking for a product for everyday use or one that will be perfect for special occasions, we are convinced that you will find the perfect variant for yourself here. Have fun with makeup! Test different finishes to see what suits your skin best.

Discover the full range of powders at Ladymakeup and order the cosmetic that suits you today. Enjoy flawless makeup for many hours.

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