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The Kryolan brand was established in 1945 in Berlin. The main founder was the brilliant chemist Arnold Langer, who was fascinated by the glitz and glamor of the theater scene of the 1920s. Wanting to combine his passion for science and love for the stage, in cooperation with his brothers Walt and Hanz Langer, he founded a cosmetics brand dedicated to professionals. At the beginning, the company operated under the name "Hansa Scharlau" and began to specialize in the production of cosmetics for make-up artists. In the 1950s, after great success with theatrical products and the recognition of many artists, the company began to develop and enter the professional make-up market.

In 1963, the company's name was officially changed to Kryolan, inspired by the names of the Langer brothers. Despite the passage of time, Kryolan has remained a family company, passed down from generation to generation. Thanks to this, they managed to maintain independence and full decision-making regarding the production of their products. The result is high-quality products that are used in theater, television, professional photo sessions and in the work of make-up artists around the world.

Kryolan guarantees high quality products

Within several dozen years of the company's establishment, Kryolan has gained extraordinary prestige and reputation. Currently, it is a world-famous manufacturer of face and body make-up cosmetics, as well as an expert in the production of professional make-up and make-up accessories. The brand's assortment includes unique preparations perfect for body art, artistic and everyday make-up.

How does Kryolan guarantee the durability of its products?

Kryolan creates its products based on recipes, improved over time and with new knowledge and awareness of the effects of various active ingredients. Arnold Langer's personal formulas and many years of experience, professionalism and education of the specialists working there, as well as the love and passion for makeup, passed down from generation to generation, also have a significant impact on the durability of the products.

Currently, the brand's products are used in professional photo sessions, entertainment programs and music videos around the world. Kryolan has become an integral part of the multicolored world of makeup and many makeup artists.

Brand products used in makeup

Kryolan cosmetics and cosmetic accessories are most often used in the artistic and entertainment industry. Make-up and makeup artists in film productions and theaters have high requirements regarding the durability of cosmetics, even in extremely difficult conditions. Stage make-up and make-up have never been so simple and intuitive as today using the brand's cosmetics and cosmetic accessories.

In the brand's assortment in our store you can also find cosmetics and cosmetic accessories used by professional make-up artists in make-up, during special photo sessions, for weddings or in music videos on TV. The unwavering leaders among them are:

  • Liquid Latex - high quality, durable and guaranteeing an incredibly original effect. It's easy to work with, even if you're not a makeup professional. It is available in various capacities and in two shades: flesh-colored and white, which is transparent after drying.

  • Artificial blood - available in many forms (liquid, gel, capsules, sachet) and with various degrees and solidification times, as well as several shades. Depending on the variant, they can be used externally in face and body makeup, as well as internally, i.e. for the eyes. The preparation will be perfect for any styling, e.g. Halloween or make-up artists' work.

  • Makeup wax is an exceptionally flexible material, irreplaceable in make-up and many different styles. It allows you to create many amazing effects on the skin, such as artificial wounds, skin damage and scars. At the same time, it will perfectly cope with changing the shape of the nose, facial features, or will help add any other 3D elements to the body surface. The durability of the styling is guaranteed by the use of liquid latex as an adhesive base for the wax.

  • Face and body paints - they have different formulas, more creamy, which is easy to apply, and water-based, which is very easy to wash off. The paints are available in the form of single tubes, handy circles with several shades, crayons and larger sets in the form of a palette. They are perfect for performing any styling and make-up at home or in the work of make-up artists.

Brand products used in makeup

Since the beginning of its existence, the company has been known for professional cosmetics used in stage and theater make-up, which can be seen, among others, in various music videos and TV programs. At the same time, the company also creates products for everyday makeup that are loved by countless women from all over the world.

Among the make-up cosmetics in the brand's assortment in our store, we can find and highlight cosmetics that have enjoyed unflagging popularity for years. These include:

  • Fixing Spray - Facial fixing spray with mattifying properties, leaving a comfortable filter on the skin and allowing you to enjoy the confidence and reliability of your makeup in all weather conditions.

  • Anti-Shine - powders with a fine, well-ground formula, giving a matte finish. Using it for larger occasions is a guarantee of perfect makeup and reduced skin shine. They are available in various shades so they suit every complexion and skin type.

  • Ultra Make-Up Base is a type of water base that does not burden the skin and keeps the makeup unchanged

  • Brush-On Concealer and Digital Complexion are brush concealers with a light, creamy consistency, perfect for make-up for any occasion.

  • Concealer Circle - a set containing camouflages in various shades, perfect for daytime use for special tasks, such as masking imperfections.

  • Lip Rouge Sheer - a palette of lipsticks with a creamy consistency. It contains 18 shades and various finishes, thanks to which we will be able to find the perfect color for any occasion.

  • Dermacolor - Body Camouflage and Vitacolor are foundations for the face and body with creamy formulas with a high degree of coverage. They are perfect for the day and are recommended for skin with visible defects, lesions (e.g. vitiligo) or tattoos that we want to cover temporarily.

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