MANY BEAUTY makeup accessories

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A Polish brand specializing in the production of accessories for professional make-up and manicure. Previously known as Many Lashes or Many Brushes , today it is Many Beauty . It offers excellent quality accessories at a low price. The flagship products are artificial eyelashes in tufts, strips , and magnetic ones, in various models, lengths and curls , which have already delighted many women. They are followed by makeup brushes , created on the basis of modern technology, guaranteeing excellent grip as well as softness and flexibility of the bristles . It is also a sea of essential make-up accessories , such as extremely delicate and soft make-up sponges in various colors and shapes, blender stands , mattifying blotting papers , intense cosmetic pigments that are stunningly shiny, as well as cans , clips, lifting tapes and many, many more .

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