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The Essence brand is one of three brands promoted by the cosmetics company Cosnova Beauty GmbH, founded in 2001 in Daum. It first appeared on the market in 2002 in Germany. Since then, she has been known and loved by women in many different countries around the world.

Polish women also loved this company. This is proven by its unflagging popularity and the Glammies award won by Essence (The Gel Nail Polish) in 2016.

Essence philosophy

The brand's motto is "We are proud. We think pink. But most of all we believe in the girl inside of everyone of us", according to which every woman should have the right to express herself, including through facial makeup. Many young girls are subjected to constant pressure to be perfect, the Essence brand debunks this myth. It shows that makeup does not have to be a compulsion or a standard of beauty, and that it helps in expressing yourself and your character.

Essence offers cosmetics available to everyone, regardless of their level of makeup experience or budget. With their wide range of products and a fresh approach to make-up, it encourages and inspires you to experiment and express your own style.

Most Essence cosmetics are not tested on animals and are made of the highest quality components. At the same time, they try not to contain harmful ingredients, such as microplastics. The brand keeps its finger on the pulse at every moment of production, from creating formulas and design in line with the latest trends, through product distribution and promotion.

Essence color and care cosmetics

A good product does not always have to go hand in hand with a high price. The Essence brand proves to customers the truth of this statement at every step and with each new product, creating makeup and care cosmetics at affordable prices and ensuring easy access to the brand for women of all ages.

The brand's offer includes colorful makeup products such as: eye shadow palettes, mascara, nail styling products, false eyelashes, nail polishes, illuminating and matting powders, eyebrow shadows, lipsticks, bronzers, lip liners, highlighters, foundations, eye pencils (ideal for Smokey Eyes), make-up removers and lip glosses.

Nail manicure accessories and products from Essence

The Essence brand is not only about color cosmetics. It also includes make-up accessories, such as brushes, make-up sponges, sharpeners and Beauty Secret Lashes - false eyelashes.

The company is also famous for manicure and pedicure products, such as traditional nail polishes in various shades and with different properties, as well as artificial nails, glue for nail tips, nail bases and tops, as well as stickers and nail files. Together they allow you to create new styles that emphasize the uniqueness of every woman.

Popular Essence products - a wide range of innovative products

The Essence brand offers environmentally friendly products at attractive prices. Testing on animals is prohibited and attempts are made not to contain ingredients that are harmful or hazardous to the environment.

Among the wide range of products, one of the most popular series is Hello Good Stuff. The Lash Princess eye makeup line is also very popular, as it allows you to achieve the effect of false eyelashes, just like one of the more expensive mascaras. Another hit among customers is the Extreme Shine Volume Lipgloss and the Multitask Concealer - a multi-tasking concealer with a brush.

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