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About the Claresa brand

Claresa is a Polish brand that has been present on the market since 2016. It was created for every woman who wants to take care of herself and the impeccable appearance of her hands and nails. The brand's flagship product are hybrid nail polishes available in a very wide range of colors. Following the latest trends in the beauty industry, Claresa constantly creates new, interesting products that are used not only by fans of creating manicure at home, but also by professionals. Its cosmetics are of high quality and are available at attractive prices, thanks to which the brand is recognizable not only in our home country, but also throughout Europe.

What else is Claresa famous for?

Claresa is not only hybrid nail polishes, Claresa also offers face makeup cosmetics that will help you create a complete makeup for any occasion. The brand's offer also includes products for daily face and body care, such as lip scrubs and balms, hand creams and elixirs, and cuticle and nail butters.

Unique Claresa hybrid nail polishes

Claresa hybrid nail polishes are products for special tasks that are characterized by:

  • Durability - after proper hardening under a UV or LED lamp, they stay on the nails for up to three weeks, without fear of damage or chipping.

  • Ease of application - they are equipped with a special brush that quickly and easily spreads the medium-thick formula on the nail plate, without flooding the cuticles.

  • The intensity of the color - which is due to high pigmentation, thanks to which it is enough to apply one layer on the nails for the hybrid manicure to become phenomenal.

  • A wide range of shades and finishes - varnishes are available in many different colors, from classic to delicate pastels and flashy neons. The finishes include: matte, metallic, pearl, holographic and glitter.

  • Ease of removal - despite its durability, hybrid varnish can be easily removed using special liquids.

Claresa hybrid manicure

To properly perform a hybrid manicure, you need more than just nail polish. The Claresa brand range also includes products that will help us prepare our nails to accept colored varnishes and those that will help us safely remove the hybrid, including:

  • Rubber bases - strengthen the natural nail plate and extend the durability of the manicure.

  • Building gel - it will help give your nails the perfect shape and extend them to any length.

  • Primers - effectively increases the adhesion of products such as base or gel, prolongs the durability of styling and strengthens the natural nail plate.

  • Tops - protecting the paint against mechanical damage.

  • Cleaner - a preparation for degreasing the nail plate before applying the base.

  • Remover - effectively removes the hybrid and is definitely safer than acetone or a milling machine.

Claresa - nail and cuticle care products

Thanks to the Claresa brand, you don't have to worry about your cuticles and nail plate. Fruity, moisturizing butters come to the rescue as they nourish, soften and protect the cuticles from drying out. Regenerating olives are perfect for dry, cracked cuticles and damaged nail plates. They have nourishing and strengthening properties and prevent brittle nails. Additionally, to make our hands look well-groomed, it is worth using liquid conditioners.

Facial makeup not only for everyday use, but also for important occasions from Claresa

Claresa cosmetics are facial makeup products worth recommending, which make every woman feel special and beautiful in every situation. Among the most popular Claresa cosmetics that should be included in every cosmetic bag, we can distinguish foundations with delicate formulas that perfectly conceal fine wrinkles and have moisturizing and smoothing properties. We recommend pressed, loose, bamboo or rice powders, matched to your skin's needs, ensuring lasting effects and a perfect finish. Products that deserve our attention are loose eye powders. Like makeup and concealers, their long-lasting formulas based on natural waxes provide strong coverage. To complete the makeup, bronzers, blushes and highlighters come to the rescue and are perfect for contouring the face.

Claresa cosmetics are eye and lip makeup

Products that are worth mentioning and that you can count on in any circumstances from the Claresa brand are eye shadow palettes with delicate consistencies and various finishes, thanks to which your eye makeup will become not only expressive, but also sensual. Lip makeup from Claresa includes moisturizing lipsticks and illuminating lip glosses that nourish and care for the delicate skin of the lips and enlarge the lips. Mascaras with different brushes allow for precise highlighting and highlighting of each hair, and eyeliners will help you complete your eye makeup. Claresa also ensures that its best-selling eyebrow lamination gel effectively tames unruly hairs and brings out the color, and vegan eyebrow styling soaps enable you to achieve a fashionable effect of full eyebrows and preserve them for the entire day.

Claresa in our Ladymakeup drugstore

We are pleased to invite you to discover the great offer of Claresa cosmetics in our online store. Take care of your manicure and nails with us, emphasize your personality and beauty type with perfect makeup. Don't delay, visit our store today and discover the world of beauty.

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