Cosmetics for contouring the face

Contouring is one of the elements of makeup art. It helps us give the face the desired shape, so that it looks optically more slim. Applying foundation to the skin evens out its color and at the same time loses its three-dimensionality, making it look unnatural. This is where contouring comes in - by emphasizing selected parts with bronzer, blush and highlighter, it adds shadows and radiance to the skin that the foundation has deprived of. There are many contouring techniques. We can make them dry or wet using pressed, cream and stick cosmetics. It is worth mentioning strobing, i.e. contouring with highlighter. There are many individual cosmetics available on the market for shaping the face, but it is often more convenient to equip yourself with a special palette or contouring wheel with blush, bronzer and highlighter.

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