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Among the colorful cosmetics that are very popular, crayons adapted to eye make-up occupy a very high place. This is mainly due to the fact that many women love eye make-up and want it to be clearly accentuated. Depending on what you like best, you can choose colored pencils that will bring a touch of spring to your painting, or opt for classic variants. A black or brown pencil will also look great, and when used skillfully, it will make your eyes look optically larger.

At Ladymakeup you will find a very diverse selection of pencils that you can apply on the eyelid or lower eyelash line. Discover the diverse selection of products from our offer now and choose pencils that will become your favorite element in your cosmetics bag. You're welcome.

Is it worth using pencils for eye makeup?

So far, have you been emphasizing your eyes by using only eye shadows and mascaras? Have you ever thought about giving your eyelids a unique look by painting them with, for example, a waterproof pencil? If so, it would be good to change it! Test how completely different makeup can look and choose an effect that is difficult to ignore.

With the help of a well-fitting liner, you will enjoy a beautifully defined eyelash line and you will have no problems with application. While eyeliners may be a bit difficult to apply at the beginning of your makeup adventure, painting with a soft eye pencil is very pleasant and simple.

What's more, in addition to drawing classic lines, you can also choose to delicately blend the selected color over the entire eyelid, thus creating a single-element eye make-up that looks fantastic. Even if something doesn't look the way you expected, you can make corrections without any problems. The creamy consistency of the pencils does not dry out too quickly, which allows you to create the right makeup without any major problems.

Which eye pencil is the best?

Do you need a classic liner? If so, you will certainly have no difficulty finding a version that perfectly suits your needs. Or maybe you want the crayon you buy to match the color of your irises? A large variety of variants available for sale guarantees that you will find the perfect product for painting lines on the upper and lower eyelids.

For your makeup to look impeccable and attract attention, you need to pay attention to the cosmetics you use. Of course, it is no different in the case of the eyeliner itself, which, above all, should be durable. Choose a variant that stays on the skin for a long time, does not smudge and does not create unsightly streaks. Thanks to this, you can be sure that your eyeliner will not show, for example, on the upper eyelid when excess sebum appears on the skin.

In addition to durability, it is also important to choose a hypoallergenic product. The pencils are applied to the very sensitive eye area, so be sure not to irritate it or cause tears. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, also check whether the pencil variant you are interested in has been properly tested.

Is there a black crayon in your virtual basket? Or maybe colorful? Regardless of the answer, remember how important good pigmentation is! Thanks to this, your style will become more expressive and attract attention.

The best eyeliner is one that has a distinctive color, is durable and safe for everyday use.

How do waterproof pencils differ from classic ones?

If you want your face to look perfect for at least a dozen or so hours or you are looking for the perfect product for an evening party, you should be interested in a waterproof eye pencil. Such products, as the name suggests, are characterized by water resistance, but not only that! They will also guarantee high resistance to sweat and excess sebum and will look very good even after a very long time. Such a durable eyeliner can be washed off later, e.g. with a two-phase liquid and face wash gel. Choose two-stage cleansing to ensure that you effectively remove all cosmetic remnants.

Make sure you know how to use your eyeliner

Regardless of whether your cosmetics bag contains a waterproof colored pencil or a slightly beige variant, you need to know how to use this cosmetic to make your makeup look perfect. Thanks to the pencil, you can emphasize the shape of the eyelid, eyes and even the color of the irises. Although makeup trends are constantly changing, the tips on how to paint your eyes to optically enlarge them are still similar. Remember that you can use the pencil with eye shadow or simply decide to use it on its own.

How exactly to use the pencils will largely depend on whether you go for the hard or soft version. The former usually have a very thin tip, making them ideal for drawing very precise lines on the eyelids. Hard pencils are difficult to blend, but they allow you to create an effect that is very similar to that made with eyeliner. A soft pencil, on the other hand, will be distinguished primarily by its tip - it will be wider, but a good hand will be able to easily draw delicately blended lines with its help.

Eyeliner and eye shadows

You can use the eye pencil of your choice to draw lines on your eyelids - the effect obtained will look natural and will become a dot over and throughout your eye make-up. All you need to do is draw the appropriate line from the inside and finish it in the outer corner. Adjust its thickness to what you like best. Remember, however, if you have relatively small eyes and therefore small eyelids, drawing too thick a line may make your eyes look even smaller than they actually are.

You will also be able to perfectly highlight the waterline with the pencil. Use it on the lower eyelid to attract attention and add flirtatiousness to your look. Light shades will allow you to fantastically enlarge your eyes. Darker colors used on the waterline can make your eyes appear a little smaller than they actually are.

Choose perfect eye makeup by choosing a pencil from Ladymakeup

Now you're probably wondering which eye pencil to choose? Should you choose a soft, bright variant that will highlight the waterline? Or maybe choose hard, colorful eye pencils that make your makeup look fresh and very radiant? Classic or waterproof pencil? At Ladymakeup, we realize that purchasing the perfect makeup products is not the easiest task. And this is especially true when you choose such products for the first time. For this reason, we offer a very wide selection of products from the best and respected brands. You will definitely find the perfect cosmetic here that will allow you to create a beautiful and very durable line.

And what products exactly are we talking about? You can choose, among others, very popular eye pencils from Golden Rose, Rimmel, or Essence. Our store also offers colorful cosmetics from Makeup Revolution, Eveline Cosmetics, NYX Professional Makeup, Hean, Max Factor, Kryolan, Bourjois. And you know what's best? These are just a few of the many companies we work with.

At Ladymakeup you will find colorful cosmetics from the best makeup brands, eagerly chosen by both professionals and people who are just learning to apply makeup. Check our offer now.

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