Nail conditioners

The conditioner improves the condition of nails.

Nail conditioner is a cosmetic with a well-concentrated formula whose task is to act quickly and visibly improve the condition of the nail plate. Regular use of the conditioner is intended to ensure healthy-looking and strong nails. Nail conditioners contain beneficial and specially selected active ingredients with proven effects, such as vitamins E and A, silk proteins, ceramides and a high content of keratin (naturally present in every nail plate).

The purpose of nails is to protect the phalanges against injuries and improve the grip of our fingers. They are made of keratin, one of the hardest and strongest structures of our body. But what if our nail plate is weakened? It is then worth using special nail conditioners. Products of this type are sold in a convenient form of varnish with a flexible brush, which makes them easy and quick to apply.

They are intended to significantly improve the condition of nails, and at the same time give them a nice shine and natural glow. The best conditioners are those that are properly targeted at a given problem and can produce visible results after just a few days of regular use.

How to care for your nail plate? Quick ways to care for your nails.

Hands are a tool we use throughout the day. We are aware that they need special care. However, it is also worth focusing on your nails, as hand care cosmetics will not provide them with adequate hydration and nourishment. During the day, our nails are often exposed to many harmful external factors and unfavorable situations. The best thing in this case is to use special products dedicated to nails. A good conditioner is not the only cosmetic that is worth having in your makeup bag. Below we present products that we think are worth paying attention to because they effectively nourish and care for your nails, and at the same time professionally protect them against harmful external factors and mechanical damage.

Nail oils

As the name suggests, they have a greasy and oily formula. They are used by gently rubbing into the nail plate, leaving it on the surface and waiting temporarily until it is absorbed into its structure. Such a nail oiling treatment, repeated regularly, strengthens the nail plate, causes faster nail growth, and at the same time ensures good hydration, even when the cuticles around the nails are torn.

Sweet almond oils are most often recommended because they are excellent for regenerating the nail plate and, when used regularly, ensure healthy nails. We also personally recommend castor oil, a product with many uses. It is irreplaceable in the care of split hair and nails. It effectively cares for oily, weakened and falling hair, and actively combats splitting of the nail plate.

Nail serum

What is the difference between nail conditioners and serums? Both of these products are designed to take care of the good condition of our nails. Both have well-selected ingredients that strengthen the nail plate. The serum is more concentrated than the conditioner, which makes its effect stronger and the effects appear faster than with a nail conditioner.

Nail polish

More and more often, you can find 2-in-1 nail products in stores and drugstores, i.e. nail polish with the addition of a conditioner. This type of product often has the form of a colored varnish, which at the same time makes the nails look beautiful and at the same time takes care of them. They often resemble colored nail conditioners and have a similar composition. However, colored nail polishes have a much wider range of colors than nail conditioners. Both of these products are perfect, for example, for nails with discoloration, because they mask the defects that concern us, and at the same time actively care for the nail plate.

It would be worth mentioning the Sally Hansen brand, which is an unrivaled manufacturer of nail products. This company's nail conditioners are already a legend. Its offer also includes a wide range of other products, such as colorful traditional nail polishes, hybrid nail polishes, and gel nail polishes.


Properly selected nail conditioner = Healthy and well-groomed nails

The best nail conditioner is one that is appropriately selected for the needs of our nails, and at the same time contains specially selected active ingredients, hardens the nail plate and makes them look good.

The best conditioner is usually found through trial and error. If we are lucky, the conditioner we bought first will be the only one, if we are a little less lucky, we will have to try several products to get the results we want.

However, it is worth remembering: healthy and well-groomed nails are well-moisturized nails.

Nail care after hybrid

Very often, mechanical damage, poor condition and weakening of our nails are related to subsequent professional hybrid manicure treatments. Too frequent and inappropriately performed manicure treatments may result in brittle nails in the long run, and damage to the nail plate caused by, for example, careless filing or removal of the hybrid nail polish with a milling machine may cause the plate to become soft, flexible, and often crumble and break.

Conditioners to strengthen brittle and brittle nail plate

Weak and brittle nails are not something that each of us wants. Especially now, when well-groomed nails are an indicator of elegance and self-care. There can be many causes of brittle nails. For example, they may be the result of, among others: iron deficiency, vitamin C and A in too low concentrations in the body, as well as a small amount of biotin and other nutrients.

Additionally, frequent hand washing and regular exposure to strong and aggressive detergents, without the protection of gloves, can lead to moisture loss, which may lead to poor nail condition. Many women suffer from brittle nails.

Damaged nails

It is very difficult to restore a damaged nail plate. This is a long and tedious process. The first step is to pay attention to what caused this condition and eliminate it. Our care efforts will be in vain if our nails are constantly exposed to unfavorable conditions. Sometimes it may be daily exposure to long-term moisture or working with irritating detergents without wearing protective gloves. Once we find the cause, we can start caring for it.

In case of severe damage, we recommend multi-level action, i.e. independent nail care at home and a visit to a specialist such as a beautician or podiatrist. It is worth paying attention to a cosmetic that hardens, strengthens, rebuilds and regenerates the nail plate.

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