Face wash gels and foams

Regular cleansing of the skin equals beautiful, imperfection-free and properly moisturized and nourished skin. Facial gels and foams can help us with this. But how to choose the right product for yourself? Below we present a short description. Gels are products for special tasks. They have a semi-liquid formula that creates foam when rubbed and in contact with water. They can cope with even the most contaminated skin, making them ideal for oily, combination and acne skin. However, this does not mean that they cannot be used for sensitive skin. You just need to pay attention to the active ingredients in the formula and exclude those containing SLS, parabens, alcohols, etc. Facial foams have a liquid formula, which they turn into a fluffy cloud thanks to the appropriate pump in the bottle. They are much more delicate and safer for skin prone to irritation and prone to redness and allergic reactions. They thoroughly cleanse, refresh, moisturize, etc. In our store you will find many products perfect for you.

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