Makeup brushes

Professional makeup brushes are one of the accessories that are definitely worth investing in. Regardless of whether you are just starting to become interested in make-up or it has been your passion for years.

Perfect styling requires not only high-quality cosmetics or a skillful way of applying them. The tools you use are also very important.

Find the right brushes for you in the offer of our Ladymakeup online drugstore. We provide the necessary accessories that will delight you with their excellent workmanship and trouble-free use every time you use them. We invite you!

Why are makeup brushes a must-have element of every makeup bag?

Are makeup brushes the type of accessory you haven't reached for yet? If so, you are probably wondering whether they are really necessary? We think so. Thanks to them, you will enjoy very precise application of even relatively "problematic" cosmetics. Makeup brushes will allow you to quickly apply interesting products to the entire face or, for example, to the eyelids. Thanks to them, your makeup will look aesthetically pleasing.

Will properly selected makeup brushes make the painting results even more satisfactory? Definitely yes.

Which makeup brushes are best for beginners?

If you are just entering the world of makeup, you may be wondering which types of brushes you need. The good news is that at the very beginning you don't have to buy all available products at once. Start slowly!

At the very beginning of your makeup adventure, you can decide to buy a ready-made set of brushes, or you can choose to buy individual brushes and thus create your own, personalized set.

How to do it? First of all, think carefully about your needs. If all sets include a foundation brush, but you usually use light BB creams that you apply with a sponge, then such a brush will probably not be useful to you. However, it will be a good choice if you often choose to paint with cream or liquid foundations. Similarly, if you like to apply this type of products in loose form - although the brush you use will look a little different.

Complete your first set of brushes

Start by selecting interesting facial makeup brushes.

  1. If you don't use the mentioned sponges and don't apply foundation with your hands, your first purchase may be the so-called a flat top brush whose properly compact bristles enable simple and effective painting even with the thickest foundations.

  2. For applying powder, a soft and fluffy brush with a strongly rounded tip will be a good choice. This shape will not result in spilling too much of the selected cosmetic on your face.

  3. Do you love blush, bronzer and highlighter? Your makeup is not finished without contouring? If so, the next brush to buy will be one that will allow you to apply the mentioned products. You can choose one or two - one with diagonal bristles will work great.

  4. For face makeup, small, very precise brushes are also used, which make it easier to use the concealer. However, they are not essentials for people who are just starting their adventure with makeup.

Depending on what forms of cosmetics you choose, pay attention to whether a given brush will be suitable for applying loose or cream products.

Also take care of brushes, thanks to which you can easily paint your eyes!

  1. First of all, choose a flattened brush that will allow you to apply shadows to virtually the entire eyelid. With their help, you can apply these color cosmetics without any major problems.

  2. To blend shadows and blur the boundaries between different colors in the district, the so-called blending brush. Most often, it is a bit larger, fluffy and oval. It is good that its bristles are soft and delicate.

  3. You can also decide to buy an eyeliner brush or other multifunctional models, thanks to which you can, for example, highlight the eyebrow arch with a highlighter.

Before making any specific purchases, it's best to check out various eye makeup and eye shadow blending brushes. Check how comfortable painting becomes with their use and think about what types of these accessories are the most comfortable for you. If you love eye makeup, a good brush for applying and blending shadows should be your must-have. With their help, you will make your look deeper and look perfect. Also check out the possibilities offered by brushes equipped with a brush designed for painting and combing eyebrows. A brush with an appropriately beveled tip will allow you to highlight them nicely.

By choosing the right tools for the job, you will make makeup much easier!

What is the difference between synthetic brushes and natural bristle brushes?

Makeup brushes can be divided into those made of natural and synthetic bristles. Both are very good choices, but they are slightly different from each other. Before you add specific products to your cart, learn about these differences to make sure that you choose accessories that best suit your needs. On sale you will also find the so-called mixed brushes that use both natural and synthetic bristles.

Natural brushes are very popular, primarily because of the great comfort of using them. Their tips are usually extremely soft and give the impression of applying a very pleasant fluff of paint. The most popular models are those made of weasel, squirrel, badger and wild boar hair. What undoubtedly makes such brushes stand out is that they absorb the product applied to them very strongly. This will be especially visible in the case of liquid cosmetics, e.g. foundation. To prevent cosmetics from settling inside the brushes, it is a good idea to slightly moisten them before use.

Brushes made of natural bristles are extremely flexible and allow you to create very natural makeup without a mask effect. They do not lead to streaks and stains, so they will be a great choice at the very beginning of your makeup adventure. However, it is worth remembering that these tools are not suitable for people who are sensitive to contact with animal products, much less for vegans.

Synthetic brushes and their characteristics

Synthetic brushes are perfect for all people who struggle with various skin allergies and at the same time want to choose tools that will ensure a natural effect of applying cosmetics.

Synthetic brush sets work very well for people with delicate skin because they do not irritate it. Soft and equally pleasant to the touch fibers are often difficult to distinguish from natural ones. Not only do they facilitate the application of cosmetics, but they are also easy to keep clean.

Which one is better to choose? It's best to test both products and then choose the ones that better suit your preferences and use them to create all your dream styles. Let makeup become a pleasant and simple game that gives your skin a flawless and beautiful look.

How to clean your brushes?

Regardless of which variant of brushes you ultimately choose, it will be a good idea to clean them properly. Taking care of hygiene is one of the most important issues that definitely cannot be ignored. Even the best brush will not serve you well and for long if you forget to clean it.

Professional makeup artists should wash and disinfect their tools after each use. Thanks to this, working with another person will be completely safe and as hygienic as possible. If you use the brushes yourself, you only need to wash them once a week or two weeks. Pay attention to whether particular color cosmetics accumulate on them, and if necessary, wash them faster.

To clean, use a gentle cleaning agent - shampoo, soap or a preparation created especially for the hygiene of such tools. You can also use a cleaner that will allow you to get rid of cosmetic remnants from the most difficult to reach places. Remember that in addition to washing, drying is also very important. If it is inappropriate, it may cause the brush bristles to become deformed, making it unsuitable for further comfortable use. Dry your brushes on a paper towel or clean cloth in a vertical position with the bristles down, or horizontally.

Find the perfect brushes in the Ladymakeup offer

At Ladymakeup, you will find unique and proven makeup brushes, thanks to which you can easily create any style. We focus on great diversity, so that every customer can find interesting products from us.

Do you want to buy a kabuki brush that will enable easy application of loose products? Or maybe you are interested in slightly beveled natural eye makeup brushes that glide very well on the eyelid and allow you to apply shadows aesthetically? Do you need to buy brushes for your makeup that will enable you to precisely apply lipsticks and lip glosses? Here you go! You will find everything you are looking for here.

Choose accessories that will allow you to create the perfect makeup

Our online store offers brushes from all proven and popular brands. You can choose models from Real Techniques, Hakuro, Hulu, Boho Beauty, Jessup, Maestro, Kavai, Sigma, Ibra, Golden Rose and many others.

Choose proven makeup brushes that have been appreciated even by the most demanding people. Create precise and beautiful makeup that will be difficult to take your eyes off. You're welcome.

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