Eyebrow makeup brushes

An eyebrow brush is a must-have in every woman's makeup case. The currently popular trend for perfectly defined and modeled eyebrows means that we are constantly looking for the perfect brush for special tasks. The market offers us many of them, so how can we choose the best one for us? Here are some tips that will help with this. The basic question we should ask ourselves is whether we want a single or double brush, with a brush for removing excess products or a styling comb. Then companies offer us different shapes and types of bristles. More and more often, brands wanting to be cruelty-free and ecological, give up natural bristles, which are very soft and ideal for people with sensitive skin. Synthetic hair looks more and more like natural hair and does not absorb cosmetics as much. The shape of the brush head also matters. When cut straight, it will be perfect for outlining the contour, drawing hairs and eyeliner, while when cut obliquely, it will perfectly cope with the consistency of pomade. Longer bristles with a straight and oblique shape can easily be used to apply eyebrow shadows and fill gaps in the hairs. Finally, we have to decide whether a short or long handle fits better. Once we have decided what our perfect eyebrow brush should look like, all we need to do is find it, buy it and enjoy beautiful makeup.

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