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Garnier is a brand with a long history. It has its origins in France, when in 1904, thanks to Alfred Amour Garnier, La Lotion Garnier was created - the first patented hair tonic based on plant ingredients. Its purpose was to combat dandruff and help fight hair loss. After a short time, it became a bestseller and ensured the company's success. In 1965, Garnier became part of the industrial group of the L'Oreal concern, which added wind to the sails of the developing company.

As time passed, the brand gradually expanded its range, including: o products for face and body skin for women and men. Currently, it is a renowned cosmetics company, known all over the world for its products for daily skin and hair care.

The Garnier brand has a very wide range and offers products at very attractive prices, which is why they are eagerly purchased by both young and older people.

Garnier brand philosophy

The company combines the power of natural, botanical ingredients and nutritional recipes with the latest scientific achievements in its products. According to the brand's philosophy, true beauty is based on a positive attitude and a healthy appearance, and well-selected cosmetics are designed to help achieve this state.

For years, Garnier has been working in the name of not only human beauty, but also the planet. With every step, they try to move towards a sustainable, green and ecological future, which is why all the cosmetics they create have the Cruelty Free Certificate, as part of the Leaping Bunny program.

Facial and body skin care products

Many consumers love the Garnier brand for its range of body and face products. It includes, among others: creams that ensure proper skin hydration, cleansing preparations, washing gels, BB cream and many others. The company uses special active ingredients in its cosmetics, such as hyaluronic acid and vitamins, which guarantee effective care tailored to various skin types.

The flagship products include Garnier Mineral deodorants and antiperspirants, Garnier Czysta Skóra micellar fluid ideal for normal and acne-prone skin, Vitamin C - a super serum for discolorations, and Skin Naturals Pro Retinol - a smoothing ampoule in the form of a mask.

Garnier hair cosmetics

From the very beginning, the brand was interested in hair washing and care products. As time passed, new scientific achievements and increasing self-awareness in hair care, Granier created products taking into account different types of hair and the needs of the scalp. The result is hair care products based on specially selected plant oils and herbal extracts that take care of the health and beautiful appearance of the strands and restore their wonderful shine.

Hair care cosmetics include: conditioners, dyes, coloring preparations and shampoos.

Bestsellers and customer favorite series include: Garnier Fructis, Garnier Olia hair dye, Color Naturals permanent coloring, Botanic Therapy hair mask with the addition of organic fruit.

Garnier Men - cosmetics for men

As time passed and the brand's great success, the Garnier Men line also became a permanent part of its offer - a series of cosmetics for men's skin care.

It includes products such as face creams, aftershave balms and cleansing face wash gels. Additionally, the brand offers specialized antiperspirants and deodorants whose formulas, designed for a dynamic and active lifestyle, ensure a long-lasting feeling of freshness, dryness and self-confidence throughout the day.

Popular series and bestsellers

Garnier's bestsellers include: Fructis series - offering masks, shampoos and conditioners based on fruit ingredients, Garnier Czysta Skóra, Botanic Therapy, Body Superfood, Pure Active, Hyaluronic Aloe, Color Naturals, Color Sensation, Garnier Olia, Skin Naturals, Hair Food and Vitamin C.

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