Makeup sponges

Are you looking for high-quality color cosmetics? However, every day you have the impression that your make-up takes a lot of time and yet... it doesn't look the way you expected? Are you unable to apply makeup in hard-to-reach places on your face? When applying foundation, are you nervous that it doesn't spread as you expected?


And did you know that in addition to the selection of cosmetics and the method of application, the accessories you use are also very important? Don't wait any longer and get to know the makeup sponges available in our Ladymakeup offer now. Allow yourself to perfectly distribute all your cosmetics and choose a natural effect that is hard to ignore.


You have no idea which sponge is best to choose? Relax! We offer applicators in various shapes, so you can easily find the one that best suits the shape of your face, as well as the cosmetics you intend to apply with it. 

Why is a makeup sponge a product you can't miss?

What if it were possible to easily apply the perfect layer of foundation. One that looks extremely natural and blends very well with the complexion? We would venture to say that it has never been as easy as it is now! All you need to do is apply your favorite cosmetic using a well-fitting sponge.

Applying the selected product with your fingers may result in transferring impurities to your face. Properly clean accessories will reduce this possibility, making their selection simply more hygienic. And the best thing is that this is just one of their many advantages!

The makeup sponge will allow you to apply foundation aesthetically and will also be useful when contouring your face. Such applicators do not leave streaks and enable good blending of color cosmetics even in hard-to-reach places. With their help, you will also ensure the efficiency of your products - you will not have to apply as much of them as in case of other forms of application.

Even distribution of foundation and more - why a makeup sponge is a must-have in your makeup bag

Are you wondering what else makes the sponges you choose for makeup allow you to enjoy a very satisfying application? It is worth mentioning here that applying makeup with such accessories is simply: very pleasant! All you need to do is properly soak the selected sponge in water, and it will not only not absorb too much product, but will also be very pleasant to use. Especially in summer, such products provide our skin with pleasant refreshment, thus energizing it and making our makeup look impeccable.

An egg-shaped sponge or a classic, perhaps well-known beauty blender is one of those applicators that will positively surprise you with its great versatility. Will you decide to apply only foundation with it? And what about a concealer? The make-up sponge will allow you to easily apply powder, and at the same time it will guarantee your face incredible softness and a make-up look that will be difficult to ignore.

Which makeup sponges allow you to create perfect makeup?

If you have decided that you want to start applying makeup with a sponge, you need to get to know the most popular ones so that you know which version to choose for your makeup.


The most popular are egg-shaped makeup sponges. This is the basic version of the so-called beauty blender, which has a characteristic, slightly conical tip. Its wider side is perfect for applying foundation even to the entire face, and the tip itself is irreplaceable for painting hard-to-reach places. This includes, for example, the areas around the nose, mouth and ears. Such a beauty blender makeup sponge will be an ideal choice even for those who are just starting their adventure with makeup and have never had the opportunity to use similar products before.

Cone-shaped makeup sponges are equally popular, but a bit harder. This is a real must-have for contouring your face. With their help, you can apply blush, bronzer and even highlighter without worrying that any of these cosmetics will not be aesthetically blended.


A mini makeup sponge will become your invaluable help, especially when you want to make delicate corrections to your styling. This is true both in terms of the appearance of the face and even the appearance of the shadows used for eyelid makeup. You will also be able to use it to spread the concealer well, without worrying about applying too much product, which would be difficult to blend.

And speaking of the concealer itself, be sure to also check out more angled makeup sponges, which, due to their relatively large surface, are perfect for spreading this product, e.g. under the eyes.

Yes, with the help of a well-fitting sponge, you will make all the cosmetics you use look impeccable and your make-up will attract attention.

Makeup sponges - how to use them?

Yes, of course, apart from taking care of the specific sponge you choose, you also need to make sure that you use it correctly. This is the only way to be sure that the effects you will achieve with your makeup will be stunning. Is this your first encounter with such a product? Relax! Makeup sponges are very intuitive in everyday use.

First of all, you must always remember to soak it well. Only thanks to this, the sponge will have a chance to increase its volume, and thus it will be easier to distribute the selected product and simply - it will become more pleasant in contact with the skin. Wetting the sponge also allows you to avoid situations in which excess product gets inside. Dip the sponge in cold water and squeeze out the excess water well. Regardless of what specific cosmetic you apply, remember to press the sponge well against the skin - use patting and rubbing movements so that the cosmetic has a chance to blend well with your skin and look perfect.

How to clean makeup sponges?

When performing each styling, pay attention to whether your makeup sponge is clean enough? Are there any remnants of cosmetics left on it, which may make your makeup not look as good as it could? And here it will be very important to ensure proper and regular washing. It doesn't matter what sponge you choose. Make sure to wash it after each use! Especially since it won't take you much time and will allow you to enjoy your dream makeup.

Regular washing is also the best prevention to limit the transfer of bacteria on the face. To clean your sponge, use lukewarm water and e.g. facial cleansing gel or a gentle hair shampoo. Wash the sponge until it stops releasing the remnants of the cosmetic used. Finally, remember to rinse it well with water and leave to dry.

Find the perfect makeup sponges at Ladymakeup

Now that you know what makes it definitely worth choosing a makeup sponge, now get to know all the Ladymakeup products available in our offer and check which one will be the best for you.

It will certainly come as no surprise to you that we have prepared offers from well-known and respected brands. Those you can simply trust! Depending on how often you wear make-up and what cosmetics you use, choose one or even several characteristic, yet irreplaceable make-up eggs. You can add, among others, Clavier or Ibra products to your virtual basket. Make-up sponges from Pierre René, Lami Cosmetics, Boho Beauty, Inter-Vion, Sigma, Eveline Cosmetics and Wibo are also very popular. It's up to you whether you choose single variants or sets consisting of several different sponges. Have a successful shopping!

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