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Maybelline New York is a globally recognized cosmetics brand appreciated by makeup lovers and professionals.

History of creation

The company was founded in 1915 by a chemist from New York. Thomas Williams, because we are talking about him, developed the composition of the first revolutionary mascara. He did it with his sister in mind, who asked him for help in gaining favor with her chosen one. The cosmetic he created was based on Vaseline, which he combined with carbon monoxide. Of course, her beloved Meybel couldn't take his eyes off her and soon the couple got married. Motivated by his sister's success and his unique product, Thomas Williams decided to found a company he called Maybelline. The brand's name came from the name of the scientist's sister - Maybel and the famous vaseline used to produce mascara.

In 1917, a revolutionary mascara hit the American market, and in 1932, special cabinets dedicated to Maybelline products were installed in drugstores.

Another important date in the brand's history is 1960, when the company launched waterproof mascara. In 1971, Great Lash mascara appeared, which won the hearts of women and became a timeless product, because its composition has practically not changed over the years and it is still very popular.

In 1996, Maybelline became the property of L'Oreal, and in 2004 the company's name was changed from Maybelline Company to Maybelline New York.

Maybelline brand - commitments and assumptions

The main goal of the Maybelline New York brand is to build self-confidence and emphasize natural beauty, which is supported by high quality cosmetics available in a wide range of colors.

Maybelline New York products

Our store offers a wide range of colorful cosmetics from Maybelline New York, which will help you create not only classic everyday makeup, but also more daring ones for evening outings.

  • A wide range of facial makeup products such as concealers, foundations and powders in various variants will provide perfect coverage and leave the skin radiant and natural-looking.

  • Lip makeup cosmetics with innovative formulas include not only long-lasting lipsticks appreciated by customers, but also lip glosses and pencil liners.

  • Perfect articles created for painting in the form of eye shadows with various finishes and color variants, as well as eyebrow products that give the hairs the desired color and are perfectly defined.

Iconic Maybelline mascaras

The brand's bestseller is a mascara that complements the eye makeup and highlights the look. It is the No. 1 product that should be in every woman's cosmetics bag.

Our drugstore customers most often choose Maybelline mascaras from the popular Lash Sensational and The Colossal series, which are available with lengthening, thickening and waterproof properties.

Maybelline New York cosmetics - popular series

Our store's assortment includes Maybelline cosmetics from the most popular series:

  • Fit Me - colorful facial makeup products offering a natural finish in the form of foundations, powders, concealers and blushes,

  • Color Sensational - a line of long-lasting lipsticks and lip liners,

  • Maybelline Super Stay - a series characterized by durability in makeup offering foundations, concealers and lipsticks,

  • Tattoo Brow - eyebrow and eye makeup cosmetics: pencils, pomades and cream eye shadows,

  • Express Brow - a line of products that help you achieve your dream effect and obtain perfect eyebrows in the form of a pencil, marker and mascara.

All products offered by the Maybelline brand are made of the best ingredients that are safe for the skin. Another very important thing is that the cosmetics are not tested on animals.

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