Maybelline New York lipsticks


Lipstick is the perfect accessory, thanks to which you can create perfect lip makeup in just a few moments, not only for everyday use, but also for special occasions. If you are looking for a lipstick that does not smudge and will stay on your lips all day long, Maybelline New York lipsticks are undoubtedly one of them. Each Maybelline lipstick is extremely popular due to its high quality, variety of available colors and attractive prices.

Maybelline lipstick - division into categories

The selection of lip coloring products is quite large, in order to meet the diverse needs and preferences of its customers, Maybelline New York lipsticks and lipsticks can be divided into several categories:

  • Classic lipsticks with a matte, glossy or creamy finish. They are available in many colors, from classic red to more subdued shades of nude, and their application is pure pleasure.

  • A lipstick in a stick, pencil or liquid form with a brush or applicator that thoroughly covers the lips with intense color, leaves a long-lasting finish and a matte effect. Matte lipstick will be a perfect choice for makeup lovers who are looking for an elegant look for their lips.

  • Long-lasting lipsticks are designed to maintain intense color on the lips for a long time without the need to frequently correct makeup. They can leave behind an elegant matte, glossy finish that gently reflects light, as well as a vinyl finish.

  • The best way to protect the delicate corners of the lips is to use a lipstick/lipbalm that protects against dryness and harmful external factors.

  • Nourishing lipsticks contain moisturizing ingredients such as vitamins and oils that help keep your lips looking healthy. They can be especially useful for people with dry lips or those who need extra care.

Division of Maybelline lipsticks according to the method of their application

Maybelline New York lipsticks differ not only in their properties, but also in the method of application. The most popular are lipstick sticks, which can fit into any cosmetics bag due to their compact size. Liquid lipsticks, whose shape resembles lip gloss, are equipped with convenient applicators that facilitate the application of the cosmetic, and the most precise in application lipstick pencils, whose silky formula will help fill the entire lips.

Intense color in Maybelline lipsticks

Maybelline New York lipsticks, both liquid and stick, are famous for their intense colors that give the lips a distinct and attractive look. Their formulas are very well pigmented, so after applying the first layer the lipstick stays on the lips for a long time without smudging. Lots of customers around the world choose Maybelline New York products not only because of their durability, but also because of the wide range of shades they offer.

Bestsellers - Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick and Super Stay Vinyl Ink Lipstick

Which Maybelline New York lipstick should be in every woman's cosmetics bag? Undoubtedly, the most popular lipstick that has won the hearts of many women is Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink liquid lipstick. Its thick, very durable formula dries quickly after application, does not rub off, highlights the contour and leaves a matte finish on the lips. It is equipped with a small but very precise teardrop-shaped applicator with a delicate recess in the middle, which thoroughly covers the lips with color in the first stroke. The most popular colors of Super Stay Ink lipsticks are: 10 Dreamer, 60 Poet, 65 Seductres, 125 Inspirer and 170 Initiator. The second lipstick that deserves to be called a bestseller is Maybelline Super Stay Vinyl Ink lipstick. Its shiny, liquid formula with aloe and vitamin E gives your lips a vinyl finish. The intense color does not fade, smear or lose its shine for a very long time, so you can enjoy phenomenal makeup all day long. Among the wide range of colors of Super Stay Vinyl Ink lipsticks, the most frequently chosen shades that land in shopping carts are: 10 Lippy, 20 Coy, 35 Cheeky, 50 Wicked, 95 Captivated, 115 Peppy, 125 Keen.


In our online drugstore you will find cosmetics from Maybelline New York, including a wide selection of lipsticks with which you can create perfect makeup for any occasion. Regardless of what lipstick you use - matte, glossy or satin, please visit our Ladymakeup website.

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