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Did you know that even the way you remove the nail polish has an impact on the appearance of your nails? If you haven't paid attention to it until now and the nail remover you chose was the so-called the first product you get, it's worth making up for it!

In this category of our Ladymakeup online store, you will find the best nail removers from proven manufacturers. Here you will find both products for removing hybrid and regular nail polish. Additionally, we also provide you with special degreasers that will take care of the condition of your nail plate during manicure and prepare it for painting. You're welcome!

How to choose a good nail polish remover?

The specific remover you choose must primarily depend on your individual needs. In addition to choosing the right preparation for the type of manicure, also make sure to choose a product with appropriate active ingredients. Let the remover not only not negatively affect the nail plate, but also take care of it. Yes, now it is possible!

Choose a nail polish remover that will not weaken the nail plate and will not cause any irritation. Before purchasing, be sure to check the composition to make sure that the cosmetic you choose is completely safe and suitable for you. Especially since there are many products on the market now, but unfortunately not all of them are worth your attention.

What is the difference between nail polish remover with acetone and without acetone?

You may have come across the distinction between the so-called acetone removers and those without acetone. Are you wondering what exactly is the difference between them? Acetone removers are products that may be irritating. This is especially noticeable not only on the nails themselves, but also on the cuticles.


If you have the impression that after using the remover, your cuticles become excessively dry and even start to burn, there is a high probability that acetone is the culprit. On the other hand, if you often use hybrid varnish and do not remove it with a milling machine, you must remember that acetone is very good at removing it. Such removers are also suitable for gel nails.

Apart from the main ingredient responsible for their action, acetone-free removers are characterized by a lighter and more pleasant scent. Due to their great mildness, they do not dry out the cuticles around the nails, and may additionally contain, for example, vitamin E or various plant extracts that will additionally nourish the nail plate.

Nail polish removers for hybrid varnishes

You already know that regardless of whether you use classic or hybrid nail polishes, it is good to take care of the needs of the nail plate when removing them. Thanks to this, you will be sure that each subsequent styling will look impeccable. Be sure to pay attention to the ingredients of the product you choose. Do the plates need any vitamins? If so, this preparation will certainly be a better choice.

Hybrid nail polishes are more durable than classic ones, and therefore more difficult to remove from the nails. And here's a very important note - never do it by hand! Do not peel off the nail polish, even if you think it will come off very easily, because it may lead to serious nail damage and pain, and consequently to the need for professional treatment.


You can remove your manicure (and pedicure) with a milling machine or use special cosmetic acetone or the so-called remover, or simply a hybrid remover. And here, a much better solution is to choose the latter type of products, because in addition to acetone, they contain substances that are known for their moisturizing and oiling properties. In short, they will not only remove your nail polish, but also strengthen your nails, making them look great. This is the best proof that nothing stands in the way of washing your nails and taking care of their condition from going hand in hand.

How can nail remover care for the nail plate?

To keep your nails in great shape at all times, pay attention to the products you use to care for them. Also when it comes to the remover itself - thanks to this you will be sure that you are choosing a cosmetic that takes care of the condition of your nails. What ingredients are worth paying attention to?


  • Vitamin A,

  • Vitamin E,

  • Vitamin C,

  • Provitamin B5,

  • Proteins,

  • Herbal extracts,

  • Argan oil.

What are nail degreasers used for?

In this category you will also find special nail degreasers, also known as Nail Prep. Their presence is necessary to perform a hybrid manicure. The degreaser is applied to the previously prepared nail plate, before applying the hybrid base. As the name suggests, it is used to degrease nails, removing the oil layer and moisture from them. This is an essential step thanks to which the hybrid varnish sticks to the nail plate better. Using a degreaser also prevents the formation of unsightly bubbles.

Find the perfect nail polish remover at Ladymakeup

If a good nail polish remover or degreaser has just appeared on your to-buy list, that's great. At Ladymakeup, we have made sure that the best products in this category are available. We have prepared for you high-quality preparations that remove nail polish and take care of the condition of your nails. Degreasers that prepare very well for the next stages of manicure. Choose from brands such as: Sally Hansen, Kinetics, NeoNail, Elisium, Essence, Hi Hybrid, Eveline Cosmetics, Vipera, Ingrid, which have enjoyed unflagging interest among our customers for years. Have a nice shopping.

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