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Ladymakeup loyalty program

Ladymakeup.pl is not only a cosmetic store, but a social networking site, connecting people with similar passions - who could talk about beauty forever. We would like you to know that on our site you can not only buy your favorite cosmetics but also spend your time actively. The blog is a very important part of ladymakeup.pl, where we publish articles and videos for you - about make-up and cosmetics. Besides the blog in there is also an active forum that brings together all the lovers of make-up and beauty enthusiasts. Each of you also has the possibility to set up an account and run your own blog. For registered users we have also created a loyalty program (point system). For each of the activities listed below, you can earn points that convert into a discount in our store. We kindly invite you to read the information below.


Your points are exchanged for a discount when ordering. The placed order price will be reduced by discount for the collected points. Keep in mind that 1000 points = 2.00 pln discount. The maximum discount for points is 50% of the order price.

How does it work and how to get points?


Points are accrued automatically, once every 24h at night. The status of your points will always be displayed in your account after you log in. You can also check the history of points - when and for what activity the points were credited. You can get points for:

User account

Registration 100 points

Counted from: 2015-03-12

For registration on the website you will receive 100 points. If you do not have an account yet, create one here .

Setting an avatar 250 points

Counted from: 2015-03-12

While setting up an account you can set an avatar. For this activity you will receive 250 points. Points are awarded only once.

Subscribing to our newsletter 500 points

Counted from: 2015-03-12

You will receive additional 500 points for subscribing to our newsletter.

Orders, opinions, reviews

Points for orders Depending on the value of products

Counted from: 2015-03-12

You will receive points for each completed and paid order. The points are calculated for products: 0,10 pln = 1 pt. Example: you ordered products for 150.10 pln (without shipping / discount) you will receive 1501 points for your order.

Customer product review 150 points

Counted from: 2015-03-12

Adding product reviews. After receiving an order from Ladymakeup.pl you have the possibility to add a review of each of the purchased products (you will receive a notification via e-mail with a link for reviewing products). You will receive 150 points for one opinion. Example: You ordered 20 products, you added a review of each of them - you will receive a total of 3,000 points. ATTENTION: It applies only to reviews for your orders (issued by the user panel). If you did not make an order and you added an opinion to the product - you will not get points for it. Points are accrued after the moderator accepts the opinion.

Review on your blog/youtube channel 5 000 points

Counted from: 2015-03-12

Do you run a blog? Or maybe you're a YouTuber? Have you reviewed a product purchased from us? Please send us the information to: wspolpraca@ladymakeup.pl If you include a link to our shop under your review, you will receive 5,000 points.

Facebook / Instagram product review on your personal profile 5 000 points

Counted from: 2019-01-28

Do you like testing cosmetics and write reviews on your Facebook profile? Are you interested in make-up or beauty products? Maybe you like sharing your opinions on your Instagram profile? Have you found and bought interesting products in our online shop? Write a product review on one of your Social Media profiles, send us information about your post to wspolpraca@ladymakeup.pl. On Facebook tag us @ladymakeupsklep and add #ladymakeuppl. On Instagram tag us @ladymakeup_pl and add #ladymakeuppl. You gain 5 000 points for each order that you reviewed on your profile.

Blog and comments

Subscribing to blogs 1000 points

Counted from: 2015-03-12

Points can also be earned for subscribing to blogs. When you subscribe to another user you can earn 1000 points. Points for subscriptions are accrued once per user (blog author).

Subscription to your blog 200 points

Counted from: 2015-03-12

Do you run a blog on our site? If so, this information is for you. If one of our users decides to subscribe to your blog - you will also get points. One subscription is 200 points for you. Example: Your blog has been subscribed by 10 users. You get 2000 points.

Comments on the blog 50 points

Counted from: 2015-03-12

You can also get points for commenting the blog. The points are accrued once for each commented post. One comment is 50 points.


Points for activity 300 points

Charged since: 2016-09-15

Points for the first post of the day.

All points are accrued only to registered users, you can register here. The collected points are only for receiving discounts when ordering. We hope you enjoy our form of rewarding you for your activity. The points are not retroactive. For example, you will get points for your subscriptions or for registration only once. The points are accrued from the day of launching the Loyalty Program (2015-03-12).