Cosmetics for sunbathing and after sunbathing

Sunbathing and aftersun cosmetics celebrate their triumph in the summer. They are among the most frequently purchased products. The skin of the face and the entire body is most susceptible to sunburn in June, July and August. These are caused by the sun's UVB rays, which are strongest in summer. You can clearly feel their burning sensation on your skin, which can quickly turn into an unpleasant situation. In such cases, it is worth purchasing cosmetics with the highest possible SPF protection filter. Purchasing such a cream does not mean that you will not get a tan. The SPF filter only protects us against the harmful effects of tanning, which is sunburn. However, it is also important to protect ourselves against UVA rays, which are more treacherous because they cannot be felt on the skin, they are present all year round and are responsible for the appearance of pigmentation spots and photoaging. Therefore, it is worth reading whether the cream we choose also protects us against them. PA markings are slowly appearing on the market, which guarantee protection against UVA. Tanning cosmetics include: creams, emulsions, milks and sprays. Cooling and soothing after-sun products are also worth mentioning, as they will alleviate the effects of staying in the sun for too long.

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