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Hakuro brushes - Japanese precision in Polish version

Hakuro is a Polish brand specializing in creating eye, lip and face makeup brushes. The inspiration for the creation of the brand was the emotion and admiration for the Japanese tradition of hand-making brushes, which is very precise and accurate.

Hakuro brushes are made entirely by hand with great precision and attention to the smallest details. Depending on the model, the brushes are made of synthetic bristles or natural bristles (goat and pony). Contrary to popular opinion about synthetics, Hakuro brushes made of this material are not inferior to natural ones. They are equally soft and flexible and are very pleasant to use.

Making one brush requires many steps and different pairs of hands to create and assemble each part of the brush quickly and precisely. Hakuro, as a domestic brand, makes every effort to ensure that their brushes are of the highest quality possible and can compete with foreign companies.

Hakuro brush lines

The Hakuro brand has been creating high-quality eye, lip and face makeup brushes made of natural and synthetic bristles for many years. At the beginning of its existence, it had basic brushes. However, over time, when consumer interest became greater, the brand decided to create several different series .

H Series - Everyday

A line of makeup brushes designed for everyday use. The H series was created first, which is why it has been developed for the longest time. Products in this series have classic handle shapes and are natural or synthetic. They are intended for both day and evening make-up. The H series is recommended for professionals and beginners, regardless of their skills and experience in applying make-up. Below we present iconic models:

  • H50 - a brush for applying foundation, also mineral, in powder form.

  • H85 - eyebrow and eyeliner brush. It has a classic shape and is very easy to work with.

  • H24 - a favorite among contouring brushes. It is irreplaceable when applying blush and bronzer.

  • H77 - perfect for eye makeup. Thanks to it, the application of eye shadows is quick, simple and pleasant.

  • H66 - it is worth paying attention to, as it is perfect for applying various loose, creamy and pressed products, such as concealer or eye shadow.

K series - Creative

It was created for people who are not afraid to experiment with makeup. Products from this line have a very charming shade of light, whitened blue, which gives them an original character. The K series includes 15 models, including brushes with non-standard bristle shapes.

J-PRO series

Products from this line are dedicated to people who professionally deal with make-up and visage. It contains as many as 37 different models and shapes of bristles. Hakuro J series brushes are made of natural hair from Japan, which is perfectly soft and flexible. The line is complemented by several synthetic brushes, similar in feel to goat hair.

In order to increase diversity, the series is divided into brushes with long, brown handles and shorter handles in a black shade . Thanks to this, regardless of your preferences, you can make the right choice for you.

Hakuro brand in Ladymakeup - Bestsellers

Hakuro brushes have been available in our offer practically since the store was established. With each passing year, they gained more and more recognition among our customers, thanks to which we diligently purchased them so that you always have them available. During this time, we have found out that you love them, especially the brushes from the classic H line, which are intended for everyday use. However, the K and J lines also gained your sympathy.

Our team especially recommends the Hakuro J series brush set and individual models available in our offer:

  • irreplaceable brushes in eyebrow makeup with classic, flat, short-cut bristles (e.g. models J900, K500 or H85), can also be used for eyeliner,

  • contouring and powder brushes (H21, K101, J335, H14 and J225),

  • J970 lip brush,

  • foundation brushes (H50S, H54, K104 and K105),

  • brushes for applying and blending eye shadows (J600, H77, K290, J507 and H16),

In order to protect and extend the durability of the brushes, we advise you not to store them with other cosmetics, e.g. in makeup accessories boxes. It is worth purchasing a special tube or cosmetic bag for accessories, thanks to which the bristles will not be deformed. If you don't know what to choose, see what products we have in our offer and add them to your cart, and we will make sure that your order reaches you safely.

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