Blush and bronzer brushes

Blush brushes can be found in the assortment of almost every beautician, make-up artist or ordinary woman. They help us feel beautiful every day and emphasize our natural beauty. However, it is important to find "The One" who will stay with us for a long time. Currently, there are various models available on the market. The duster and fan type is recommended for stone and pressed blushes. The round, beveled and straight-cut head is universal and can be used for cream, stick, liquid and pressed blushes. We can also choose between the types of bristles. Synthetic ones do not absorb the product so much, while natural and mixed ones are more gentle to the skin. Finally, we have to decide whether a short or long handle fits better in our hand. Once we have decided what our perfect blush brush should look like, all we need to do is find it, buy it and enjoy beautiful, healthy blush.

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