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The history of the brand's creation

Apolloca is a family brand. It was founded by Aleksandra Szczepanek, a cosmetologist by profession. She gained her experience for many years, first while running a cosmetics and make-up blog, and later working as a make-up artist specializing in wedding styling.

At some point, the woman decided to take a big step and start her own cosmetics brand. When creating cosmetics, she paid special attention to the opinions and needs of her current and future customers, resulting in a very well-thought-out assortment.

You can find many professional products with high-quality ingredients and well-thought-out recipes that ensure that your makeup stays in perfect condition all day long.

Apolloca - face, eyebrow and lip makeup products

Apolloca stands out on the market for the high quality of its cosmetics in relation to the price, thanks to which they can easily compete with other brands in the field of professional cosmetics. The brand takes care of its product from the very beginning of its production, through promotion and packaging, which looks very luxurious and elegant.

Our assortment includes Apolloca products from most categories: for lips, face, eyes and eyebrows. Looking at the opinions of our customers, it is worth paying attention to several iconic products, such as gel eyeliner, which was placed in a glass jar. Additionally, the cosmetic does not smudge, making it suitable for people with sensitive, watery eyes.

The eyeliner is available in many traditional and original shades, and its gel formula allows you to draw any shape you want, while beautifully highlighting the eyelashes and finishing the entire eye makeup.

Another recommended product is a professional makeup fixer, which is irreplaceable for achieving the effect of strong facial makeup fixation throughout the day, without the feeling of tightness and dryness.

In addition, Apollca cosmetics are recommended, such as: delicate, satin face powder, giving a matte effect, loose pigment for the eyelids, reflecting light and giving the effect of a mirror surface, as well as blush and highlighter with a good degree of pigmentation and illumination.

The brand's bestseller - Eyebrow soap

In our store you will also find Apolloca's biggest hit and bestseller on the market, which is undoubtedly (according to the opinions of many women and our private tests) eyebrow soap , which gives the effect of disciplined hairs that stay in place all day long. This is a cult product without which makeup is often impossible to imagine.

At the same time, the soap gives the eyebrows the desired shape , does not leave a white residue on them and does not give the unsightly effect of stuck, stiff hairs. The transparent formula of the product allows application to any eyebrows, regardless of their color.

Its composition is based on aqua, i.e. water with the addition of nourishing and moisturizing glycerin, which cares for and nurtures eyebrows throughout the day.

The product is placed in a handy plastic package, and for its application all you need is a small brush, which can also be purchased in our store, or just look for it in your cosmetics bag. It can be a brush, available in most brush sets, slightly curved, or a regular spiral used by us when creating everyday eyebrow makeup.


The Apolloca brand offers professional cosmetics based on specially selected recipes with long-lasting and skin-safe ingredients. Developed from the beginning to the very end by a group of professionals led by make-up artist Aleksandra Szczepanek.

The brand's cosmetics available on our website include: find products, such as eyebrow soap, that allow you to achieve the effect of disciplined hairs; precise lip liner, gel eyeliner in various shades, spray fixative and face powder, blush and highlighter.

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