False eyelashes

Are you going to an important celebration? Are you planning a meeting where you want to charm everyone with your makeup? If so, pay attention to the appearance of your eyes and their entire frame. If your eyelashes are naturally thin and not very visible, false eyelashes may be a great solution. Their selection and appropriate application will surely create a WOW effect that will be hard to ignore.

Check what products we have prepared for you in this category. You can choose both a wide selection of artificial eyelashes and individual tufts. Of course, there are also properly tested and completely safe adhesives, thanks to which the eyelashes will remain on the eye at all times. You're welcome.

How to choose the best false eyelashes?

Before you decide to choose a specific product, check whether it is well suited to your needs. First of all, choose accessories that have been ophthalmologically tested to be sure that their choice is completely safe for both the eyes and the sensitive skin around them. Similarly, all ingredients used in production should not have a potentially irritating effect, as this may lead to, for example, excessive tearing of the eyes.

A great option are hypoallergenic products that were created specifically for the comfort of eyes prone to irritation. Go ahead and add them to your virtual cart!

Be sure to also consider what effect you expect from the application. Do you want your entire look to look completely different? Do you want to have maximum length and thickness of your eyelashes? If so, those attached with a belt will certainly work great. If you want to thicken your eyelashes in some places, you can opt for just tufts. Choosing them will make your eyes look fuller and your hair will gain the desired volume.

Choose from different lengths and shapes. And all this to enjoy exactly the makeup effect you expect.

Is applying false eyelashes difficult? Learn how to do it step by step

Do you really like the effect of false eyelashes on your eyes, but at the same time you feel that their application is very problematic? Are you afraid you won't be able to cope? Completely unnecessary!

Yes, applying eyelashes requires a little practice, but over time you won't have any problems with it. And this is especially true if you make sure to do everything very slowly, thoroughly and... gently!

To apply false eyelashes on a strip, you will also need appropriate glue and precise tweezers. If you have an eyelash curler, it is a good idea to use it before the entire application - nicely lifted natural eyelashes, reflected from the roots, will perfectly blend with the artificial ones.

  • Apply false eyelashes at the end of your eye makeup - when the previously used mascara has dried well and will not smudge.

  • Pull the strip out of the packaging using tweezers and check whether it is not too long. If so, cut it slightly - preferably from the outer corner so that it is not noticeable.

  • The ideal length of the strip is one in which it does not start too close to the inside of the eye and does not end too far from the outside.

  • Before applying the strip to the natural lash line, apply an appropriate amount of glue to it. Remember that there should be neither too much nor too little. In the first situation, you may irritate your eyes and create unsightly marks, in the second situation, it may lead to a situation in which the belt will not hold properly.

  • After applying the glue, wait a few seconds and then attach the strip to the natural eyelash line.

  • First, stick it in the center of your eye, then smooth the sides at the inner and outer corners.

How to remove makeup with false eyelashes applied?

The great advantage of artificial eyelashes applied with a strip or in the form of tufts is the fact that removing them is very easy! Just peel them off very gently - starting from the outside of the eye. Then, as usual - reach for micellar liquid or make-up removal oil, depending on what cosmetic you use every day.

You can easily remove the glue used when applying eyelashes in tufts by placing a cotton pad soaked in liquid or castor oil on their lines. After a few seconds, the tufts will easily come away from the natural hairs and you will be able to move on to the next stage of facial cleansing.

Do artificial eyelashes affect the condition of natural eyelashes?

Or maybe, apart from the fear of difficult application, what stops you from putting on false eyelashes is the thought that they will damage your natural hair? Completely unnecessary! All you need to do is ensure that the application is hygienic and in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Remember that eyelashes are applied to the very sensitive eye area, so being as gentle as possible is extremely important here!

Unfortunately, incorrect use may damage natural eyelashes, which will make them thinner, more weakened and, as a result, begin to fall out. Also pay attention to whether the set you are using is not too heavy. If, after a long time after application, you feel that your natural eyelashes are starting to hurt, they are very noticeable and there is discomfort, it will be better if you give up this form of makeup.

If you put on your eyelashes in the morning, make sure to take them off in the evening and remove your makeup properly. Make sure you have managed to get rid of all the glue remnants so that there are no remnants of the products you used on your eyelashes.

When is the best time to wear false eyelashes? Are they suitable for everyday use?

Are you wondering if you can emphasize your eyes with false eyelashes every day? For everyday make-up, a great solution are the above-mentioned single tufts or relatively delicate and thin strip eyelashes. Preferably those whose length matches your natural hair. Be sure to also check out half-strip eyelashes, e.g. Ardell Accent, which will guarantee you a very delicate make-up effect, perfect for everyday use. Choosing them will make your look definitely attract attention, and at the same time your eyelashes will not be burdened and uncomfortable.

However, if you are looking for WOW products that simply cannot be noticed, go ahead and choose more characteristic and denser tufts. Choose full volume and maximum length of eyelashes, which will become a unique element of your makeup.

A wide selection of false eyelashes, tufts and proven adhesives - see the entire Ladymakeup offer

At Ladymakeup, we meet your expectations and needs, so in this category you will find a wide selection of false eyelashes on strips, as well as tufts and adhesives. It's up to you whether you choose variants that add a lot of volume or the longest ones that optically enlarge your eyes.

You can add Ardell, Clavier, Many Beauty Many Lashes, Nesura Eyelash, Ibra, or Sunone to your virtual cart, among others, proven by many women. We also offer the extremely popular Eylure magnetic eyelashes and their striped variants. As for the adhesives themselves, waterproof variants are perfect - you can choose, among others, Ardell, Kryolan, Vipera, Catrice.

The producer of Claresa, Duo and Nyx is also very popular. Our products include unique cosmetics tailored to the needs of both professionals and people who are just starting their adventure with makeup.

Choose products that impress with their great effect and their price is extremely attractive. Enjoy a look that's hard to look away from. Successful shopping!

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