If you focus on the healthy appearance of your cheeks in your everyday make-up, then among the cosmetics that you cannot miss, you should mention, among others, blush. Especially since the right shade can be matched to any type of beauty.

High-quality blush will guarantee you a long-lasting effect and make your skin look impeccable. Choose a color that is close to your natural blush or choose a completely different one that will also guarantee a beautiful makeup effect.

Our offer includes both single roses and entire palettes consisting of several different variants. Time for shopping!

Why is blush a cosmetic worth having?

Blush is the type of cosmetic that provides a stunning make-up effect. Even if you decide to apply a relatively small amount of blush, you can be sure that it will be noticeable.

Roses are worth reaching for both every day and on various special occasions. With their help, you can easily shape your face and make it look healthy, radiant and, above all, rested. But that's not all!

A well-matched shade of pink will give your skin not only a flawless, but also a very youthful look. If you still have the impression that your makeup is missing "something" and you haven't used blush yet, perhaps a good solution would be to invite such a product to your cosmetics bag.

Enjoy fresh, light and radiant makeup all year round - let your skin look energized no matter what the weather is like outside.

Find the perfect blush that will guarantee you a natural makeup effect

To make your cheeks look very good, choose a cosmetic that, above all, guarantees a natural effect. Of course, you can adjust the color intensity by adding another layer with a brush or sponge. However, it is very important that the face does not look exaggerated and that the blush chosen does not stand out too much from your skin color.

Just a few years ago, very intensely outlined cheekbones were the most popular. When applied topically, blush took the form of circles painted on the face. Nowadays, however, a lot has changed and today the most popular are roses, which do not change but only emphasize the shape of the face. Delicate shades can stay on the cheeks all day long. All you need to do is choose high-quality cosmetics.

How to choose pink for yourself?

  • Consider the formula

It will certainly come as no surprise to you that blushes are cosmetics that are currently available in various variants. And so - for combination and oily skin, powder cosmetics are an excellent solution, as they gently matt the area on which the cosmetic is applied. Dry skin will certainly like creamy blushes or liquid variants, which, contrary to what you might think, are really easy to apply.

It is also worth emphasizing here that they usually provide a relatively more delicate make-up effect, which is why they are a great option for people who decide to buy blush for the first time.

  • Think about what colors you feel best in

You have no idea what color shade would be best for you? The golden rule says that the color of pink can be related to your natural lip color. If they are light, choose delicate, cool variants. If their shade is very intense, there is nothing stopping you from choosing more characteristic variants.

A great option is also to choose the color of pink in relation to the hair itself. If you have brown or black shades and a fair complexion, choose blushes that will highlight your cheeks. How about raspberry and slightly purple shades?

Salmon or light powder variants are perfect for blondes. You can also choose shades of peach and other orange tones, which look beautiful all year round. No matter what the weather is like outside.

Check if you know how to apply blush to make it look perfect!

Did you manage to match the perfect shade of pink to your skin tone? Have you chosen products that highlight your lips and hair? Fantastic! Then it's time to apply. Make sure to do it as correctly as possible. This way, you can be sure that your makeup will look beautiful, and the blush will enliven your complexion and make it difficult to take your eyes off it.

If you have chosen a classic compact blush, apply it to your face with an angled brush or a suitably soft sponge. Apply the cosmetic very gently and remove the excess so as not to create unsightly stains on the face. You can also apply cream blush with a sponge or even your fingers - with this formula, it will be very important to properly "smear" the cosmetic over the selected area. As for stick blushes, you can apply the purchased color in several places on the cheeks and then rub it well.

Remember to apply blush when your face is relaxed. Do this on the cheekbone lines. In the past, it was recommended to apply this type of products while smiling. However, you must know that it can easily lead to a situation in which the cosmetic is in an undesirable place.

In addition to the cheeks themselves, it is also worth opting for application on the eyelids. The combination of these two cosmetics on the face will create an effect that will be difficult to ignore.

The best blushes from Ladymakeup

If you want to buy a blush that will look beautiful on your skin and at the same time provide you with a natural effect, you are in the perfect place! At Ladymakeup you will find both single products and entire palettes of blushes, which will allow you to use several color variants at the same time.

Consider your beauty type and choose the right blush that will make your complexion truly beautiful. We offer a wide selection of cosmetics from brands such as: Hean, Eveline Cosmetics, Makeup Revolution, Lirene, Bourjois, Lamel, Mexmo, Kryolan, as well as from Vipera and Golden Rose. Such a large variety is a guarantee of satisfying shopping for you. Which product will you buy?!

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