Makeup bases

Make-up base is a cosmetic that is used after facial care and before applying color cosmetics. It is a product that prepares the skin for painting and affects the appearance of foundation, concealer or even highlighter.

Makeup bases can also be used on their own, which is why they are included in the offer of our Ladymakeup online store. Check now what makes such preparations stand out and why it is worth using them. Choose perfect makeup. The databases available in our store will make it easier for you to create it.

Different types of makeup bases - get to know them all

Before you start thinking about which base will be right for you, get to know all the types of these products. With a good and durable base, you will create perfect makeup for every day or for a special occasion and you will enjoy it all day long. The base will cover wrinkles, redness and even dark circles under the eyes.

  • Green makeup bases

This is a bull's-eye for people who struggle with the recurring problem of redness and broken capillaries. You must know that the green pigment very effectively neutralizes skin imperfections and evens out its color.

  • Silicone makeup bases

They create a special protective layer on the skin and minimize the visibility of pores and smooth wrinkles. They effectively increase the adhesion of the foundation and facilitate its application. Such a primer will extend the durability of make-up on all skin types. However, remember to use it in moderation as it may burden the skin.

  • Moisturizing makeup bases

For dry skin, a product that not only adds durability to makeup, but also has moisturizing properties will be a very good choice. Thanks to the application of such a base, the foundation will be easier and more even to apply, and no dry patches will be visible on the face. The moisturizing base can be enriched, for example, with hyaluronic acid.

  • Illuminating make-up bases

Their consistency includes delicate and beautifully shimmering particles. The illuminating base gently corrects discolorations and looks fantastic combined with a delicate foundation or BB cream. If you want to create a natural makeup effect that will be difficult to take your eyes off, this product will be right for you!

  • Mattifying makeup bases

They are suitable for people with oily or combination skin who primarily want effective matting. This is a cosmetic that very well controls the shine of the skin and does not make it excessively shiny.

  • Smoothing make-up bases

They perfectly fill fine wrinkles and all kinds of unevenness. They make the skin very smooth and extremely pleasant to the touch.

How to choose the right makeup base?

What will be the best makeup base for your skin? Choose this cosmetic based on your own preferences and expectations. Do you want your skin to be properly matte? Or maybe you want it to be brightened or additionally moisturized?

For a "big night out " , a smoothing base will undoubtedly be a good choice, as it will cope with all imperfections and make your makeup look impeccable. Additionally, it will extend its durability, regardless of the skin type.

For everyday use, a moisturizing base may be a good choice, as it provides real relief and supports dry and sensitive skin. The mattifying base will limit the fading of your skin, and the green base will help you hide any redness and will work even on days when you won't be wearing full makeup.

Why is it worth using makeup bases?

You already know that a makeup base is a cosmetic with various uses. On the one hand, it protects the skin against negative external factors, and on the other, it can also nourish it. In addition, it prolongs the durability of makeup and effectively reduces the visibility of pores.

Applying a base before applying foundation is the best way to prepare your skin. A good base has smoothing properties - it significantly reduces fine lines and pores, thanks to which the foundation and concealer are applied evenly. This is a must-have if you want your skin to look smooth and not have colored cosmetics stand out on it.

Why else is it worth using a base? The skin becomes protected against harmful external factors, and it can be easily moisturized and illuminated. The mattifying base will reduce sebum secretion and will be a real remedy for oily skin problems.

As you can see, the possibilities of this underestimated cosmetic are enormous, so it is definitely worth adding it to your beautician. Even if until now you thought that foundation alone was enough! The ingredients contained in individual bases will have a positive effect on your complexion and make your makeup look beautiful for up to several hours. Don't give up on this cosmetic.

Makeup base - how to apply it properly?

The appropriate formula of makeup bases makes them products suitable for use before applying the fluid, but after applying the cream. How to apply the base?

Start by properly preparing your skin. Make sure to cleanse and moisturize properly so that the cosmetic can be easily spread over the face and does not roll up or create unsightly stains.

When applying the base, be careful not to apply too much. In fact, just a small amount is enough to thoroughly cover the entire facial skin. Depending on what form of application is most convenient for you, you can apply the base with a brush, a sponge or simply using your fingers.

Remember to reach every spot on your face with the base and spread it evenly. Before you reach for foundation or BB cream, wait a few minutes for it to dry properly and melt with the skin.

The best makeup bases from Ladymakeup

Get to know the products that will make your makeup look perfect. At Ladymakeup, we provide you with an extremely wide selection of bases from proven producers. Choose the cosmetic that suits you and enjoy flawless makeup. Without any compromises.

Do you need a new smoothing base? Get to know the proposals of the Artdeco brand, which are among those cosmetics that are second to none. You can choose products that have a light consistency and resemble a serum when applied. They are great at minimizing pores and smoothing the complexion, as well as evening out fine lines and wrinkles. After applying the foundation, they make it look extremely light and radiant. Artdeco often focuses on ingredients that have a caring effect and thus have a positive effect on the condition of the skin.

Are you interested in a highlighting base? Here you go! Check out Nyx cosmetics, i.e. their light and very well-absorbing bases in various shades. From very light to darker. With their help, you will even out the natural tone of your skin and extend the durability of your makeup for up to several hours. Nyx illuminating makeup bases are enriched with special extracts, thanks to which the skin becomes more illuminated and looks radiant.

Perfect mattifying base for the most demanding users? It is worth getting to know Catrice cosmetics. They do not contain fatty oils or silicone, which makes them easy to spread and does not leave an unpleasant, sticky feeling on the skin. They prevent the skin from shining and optically minimize the visibility of pores. Additionally, they nourish, soothe and extend the durability of makeup. What more could you want?

Makeup bases tailored to your needs at Ladymakeup

If, despite very precise and well-thought-out makeup, your skin looks tired, dry and lacks subtle illumination, a properly matched makeup base may be a good choice.

This type of cosmetic will have a positive effect on the appearance of your skin and will also ensure that your makeup remains intact on your face for a very long time. Are you curious about some illuminating base? Or maybe silicone, which perfectly smoothes the skin? Regardless of the answer, check out all of the products we offer at Ladymakeup. Our bases are characterized by excellent performance and the lowest price. Make sure that all your makeup looks flawless.

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