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Golden Rose

246 Golden Rose cosmetics
The Golden Rose brand comes from Turkey and debuted on the Polish market in 2003 in Warsaw. Since then, it has been extremely popular among both young and older women, mainly due to its high quality, good formula, durability and low price. However, it gained its fame not only in Poland ... More


325 L'Oreal Cosmetics for makeup, hair and care Loreal Paris
The L'Oréal Group is a global cosmetics concern. Its headquarters is in Clichy, France. This brand is present in over 120 countries. It was founded in 1909 by Eugène Schueller as Société Française de Teintures Inoffensives pour Cheveux. He became famous as the inventor of a special, safe formula for dyeing ... More


71 Maybelline cosmetics
Maybelline New York is a globally recognized cosmetics brand appreciated by makeup lovers and professionals.History of creationThe company was founded in 1915 by a chemist from New York. Thomas Williams, because we are talking about him, developed the composition of the first revolutionary mascara. He did it with his sister in ... More


73 Clavier - false eyelashes and eyelash tufts
The Clavier brand enjoys unflagging popularity. It is recommended and praised by famous influencers from the make-up industry. The company offers products for professionals and amateurs of makeup and nail styling. Its offer includes, among others: products such as: high-quality false eyelashes on strips and tufts, make-up brushes, lip gloss and ... More


252 Garnier cosmetics for hair and body care
Garnier is a brand with a long history. It has its origins in France, when in 1904, thanks to Alfred Amour Garnier, La Lotion Garnier was created - the first patented hair tonic based on plant ingredients. Its purpose was to combat dandruff and help fight hair loss. After a short ... More


124 Essence cosmetics
The Essence brand is one of three brands promoted by the cosmetics company Cosnova Beauty GmbH, founded in 2001 in Daum. It first appeared on the market in 2002 in Germany. Since then, she has been known and loved by women in many different countries around the world.Polish women also loved ... More

Eveline Cosmetics

510 Eveline Cosmetics
The Eveline brand and its beginningsEveline Cosmetics is a Polish cosmetics brand with a long tradition. It has been operating on the market since the early 1980s, specifically since 1983, when the Kasprzycki family officially founded the company. A year later, the brand released its first makeup products, such as mascaras ... More

NYX Professional Makeup

161 NYX Professional Makeup cosmetics
The NYX Professional Makeup brand takes its name from the Greek goddess of the night, Nyx, symbolizing beauty and strength.NYX Professional Makeup is a brand of professional makeup cosmetics. It was created in 1999 in sunny Los Angeles. The brand's goal was to offer professional makeup products at attractive prices. This ... More


76 Ibra Makeup - brushes, accessories and makeup cosmetics
About the Ibra Makeup brandIbra Makeup is a dynamically developing Polish brand that specializes in the production of brushes, accessories and makeup cosmetics. The brand's top-quality products are created in such a way that they can meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers, and the company's constantly improved product ... More


139 MANY BEAUTY makeup accessories
A Polish brand specializing in the production of accessories for professional make-up and manicure. Previously known as Many Lashes or Many Brushes , today it is Many Beauty . It offers excellent quality accessories at a low price. The flagship products are artificial eyelashes in tufts, strips , and magnetic ones, ... More


2 Revlon Makeup cosmetics
Revlon - is a well-known and respected cosmetics brand from overseas. Its history began in the United States with one very important product - nail polish. Charles Haskell Revson, his older brother Joseph, and the chemist Charles Lachman began using pigments and producing colored varnishes. In 1932, no other company offered ... More


75 MAKEUP REVOLUTION makeup cosmetics (MUR)
MAKEUP REVOLUTION is a novelty on the Polish market, which soon won the hearts of consumers. The MAKEUP REVOLUTION brand came to us from Great Britain, where it is also very popular. Its offer includes various eyeshadow palettes, mascaras and other products necessary for makeup. This brand's cosmetics are also very ... More


92 AA cosmetics for make-up and face care
The brand began its operation at the beginning of 1982, when Oceanic created the first AA cream - for sensitive and allergy-prone skin. The cosmetic quickly gained popularity, and due to its characteristic packaging it was called an "orange product". Then began the dynamic development of the brand and the creation ... More


464 Ziaja cosmetics
A Polish brand with a long tradition producing cosmetics for body, face and hair care.Brand historyThe company was established in 1989. It was founded by a couple of pharmacists - Aleksandra and Zenon Ziaja. Initially, the pharmaceuticals produced by the company were distributed mainly among friendly pharmacists and pharmacy owners. Great ... More


122 CATRICE make-up cosmetics
We are Catrice. We put our whole heart into our products. And the mind. Trends are our passion, but we are only interested in those that really make us beautiful. We are professionals, we are in love with quality. Just like you. Every face is our canvas. Your lips, her cheeks, ... More


267 Kryolan cosmetics
The Kryolan brand was established in 1945 in Berlin. The main founder was the brilliant chemist Arnold Langer, who was fascinated by the glitz and glamor of the theater scene of the 1920s. Wanting to combine his passion for science and love for the stage, in cooperation with his brothers Walt ... More


70 RIMMEL makeup cosmetics
The Rimmel brand is considered one of the oldest cosmetic brands. Its origins are estimated at 1834, when a famous French perfumer, together with his son and student Eugene Rimmel, came to London to manage a well-known, prestigious perfumery there. Eugene Rimmel, already at the age of 24, proved to be ... More


74 WIBO makeup cosmetics
About the Wibo brandWibo is a Polish cosmetics brand. She made her debut in the beauty industry in 1989, when the market was developing dynamically. The company was founded by the Adamczyk couple, on the initiative of his wife Jadwiga Bożena, who wanted to fulfill her desire for an easily accessible ... More


71 Lovely makeup cosmetics
Lovely is the younger sister of the Polish brand Wibo! It was established in 1995 in response to the needs of teenagers at that time. It combined incredibly high quality with an affordable price , thanks to which it also won the hearts of adult women. Lovely cosmetics and their packaging ... More


30 Apolloca cosmetics
The history of the brand's creationApolloca is a family brand. It was founded by Aleksandra Szczepanek, a cosmetologist by profession. She gained her experience for many years, first while running a cosmetics and make-up blog, and later working as a make-up artist specializing in wedding styling.At some point, the woman decided ... More

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