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452 Kryolan make-up cosmetics

Kryolan - a worldwide leading manufacturer of professional accessories and make-up cosmetics. It's products are leading in theater, film and television around the world. Kryolan, for more than 66 years of it's activity, was providing high-quality cosmetics to customers in more than 80 countries. The brand has become ... More

Bomb Cosmetics

336 Cosmetics for body, hair and lip care.

Bomb Cosmetics was founded in 1998 in England. The brand started first sales of a few products on fair stands. Today it's products are being exported to more than 45 different countries. The cosmetics are natural and handmade products. Their offer includes: bath sprays, body butters, colorful soaps, candles and ... More


295 Make-up cosmetics MAKEUP REVOLUTION (MUR)

MAKEUP REVOLUTION is a novelty on the Polish market, which very quickly conquered the consumers hearts. MAKEUP REVOLUTION came to us from the UK where it is also very popular. They offer different palettes of shadows, maskaras, but also other products necessary for the implementation of make-up. MAKEUP REVOLUTION's cosmetics ... More


275 Sigma Brushes

Sigma's history dates back to 2008, when it was founded by Brazilian natives Simone Oliveira Xavier and her husband, Rene Xavier Filho, in their basement in New Brighton, Minnesota. He - with a Master's degree in Business Administration, she - a doctor in the field of molecular ... More

NYX Professional Makeup

253 NYX Professional Makeup Cosmetics

Affordable professional makeup that enables boundless beauty artistry for all’’ - That was the goal of NYX Professional Makeup, when started in downtown Los Angeles with a line of rainbow-bright colored lip and eye pencils in 1999. NYX Professional Makeup – which was named after the exceptionally beautiful Greek goddess ... More


227 W7 make-up cosmetics and accessories.

W7 Make Up is a British brand established in 2002. It offers color make-up cosmetics and accessories. Among W7 products you will find an iconic bronzer - HONOLULU, bronzer and blush Double Act and bronzing powder AFRICA. Other products of this brand are also shadows, blushes, powders, concealers, eyebrow kits, ... More


222 L'Oréal cosmetics

L'Oréal Group is a global cosmetic concern. It's headquarters is in Clichy, France. This brand is available in more than 120 countries. L'Oréal was founded in 1909 by Eugène Schueller as Société Française de Teintures Inoffensives pour Cheveux. He became famous as the inventor of a special, safe formula ... More


201 Inter-Vion make-up cosmetics and accessories.

InterVion has been on the market for over 20 years. At the moment it is one of the largest distributors of cosmetic accessories in the country. It's products are of very high quality. A wide choice of products makes everyone able to find something for themselves. InterVion offers vanity cases ... More

Golden Rose

200 Golden Rose make-up cosmetics

Golden Rose obok Classics i Miss Selene to marki obecne na polskim rynku od kilkunastu lat. Producentem kosmetyków jest Erkul Cosmetics, jeden z pięciu największych producentów lakierów do paznokci na świecie. Oferta Golden Rose obejmuje kosmetyki kolorowe do makijażu oraz lakiery do paznokci. Są one bardzo dobrymi produktami na co dzień ... More


186 Dermacol cosmetics

Dermacol - the history of this brand dates back to the 60's. Collaboration between dermatologists from the Institute of Cosmetics in Prague and Barrandov's make-up film experts turned out to be very successful . Their joined efforts resulted in creating one of the first covering make-ups in Europe ... More


178 Vipera make-up cosmetics

Vipera this brand is a leader in the market of colorful cosmetics for several years. The company's offer is aimed at ladies wishing to add charm and emphasize their natural beauty. Vipera products are not only perfect for beautifying face. Their high-quality ingredients also perfectly nourish and protect the skin. ... More

Pierre Rene

175 Pierre Rene make-up cosmetics

Pierre Rene is a Polish brand that has many years of experience in the beauty industry. It focuses on high quality make-up cosmetics. At the moment their cosmetic-ingredients come from the best cosmetic factories in Italy, Germany, France, Sweden and Spain. The company constantly develops, it recently launched a ... More


161 Flormar make-up cosmetics

Flormar is an Italian brand, it's history dates back to the 70s of the previous century. High standards of cosmetics contributed to Flormar's ongoing success in the market of color cosmetics. Manufacturer's offer includes a very wide range of products for face make-up. Well pigmented and perfectly matched in terms of ... More


149 NeoNail - Hybrid polishes, lamps and accessories.

NeoNail is a professional brand of products for nail styling, nail care and manicure. It was created with the thought of clients for whom beautiful and well-kept nails and hands are a must have. Thanks to the professional accessories offered by NeoNail, it's customers are beauty saloons, make-up artists, SPA ... More


139 HEAN make-up cosmetics

HEAN is a Polish brand and a manufacturer of color and personal care cosmetics, which was founded in 1981. HEAN provides make-up and care products to more than 2,000 beauty shops in Poland. In HEAN's offer we can find primers, powders, blush, crayons, lipsticks, mascaras, shadows, liners, bases and concealers. ... More

Your Natural Side

135 Naturalne kosmetyki do pielęgnacji marki Your Natural Side.

Your Natural Side to względnie młoda polska marka kosmetyczna, specjalizująca się w tworzeniu produktów pielęgnujących. W całości tworzone są z naturalnych składników, mając na uwadze wszelkie potrzeby ludzkiej skóry. Sam pomysł powstania marki zrodził się z pasji do naturalnych kosmetyków oraz wierze, że to co dobre nie zawsze musi być drogie. ... More


133 MakeUp Academy (MUA) make-up cosmetics

MUA - British cosmetic brand by MakeUp Academy combines affordable cosmetics and a very good quality and the latest trends. It offers a wide selection of color make-up cosmetics. It's offer includes unique palettes of shadows (Heaven and Earth, Dusk Til Dawn, Glamor Days, Starry Night, undressed, Poptastic, Undres Me ... More


131 GOSH cosmetics
Gosh is a Danish manufacturer of top quality cosmetics for face make up (shadows, mascaras, lipsticks, foundations) and whole body care (creams, lotions, milks). It also offers cosmetics for styling and hair care, perfumes and make-up accessories. The brand was founded in 1945, but it was only in 1980 that it ... More


126 Lumene cosmetics
Lumene - is a Finnish brand taking inspiration from the crystal clear nature of this region. Lumene Group is a manufacturer of innovative cosmetics of the highest quality for body care and make-up. These products are unique - they combine the strength of the Scandinavian natural ingredients and modern technology. ... More


125 Maestro Make-up brushes

Try brushes designed and selected by professionals. Manufacturer of cosmetic brushes Maestro offers a wide range of valuable tools necessary for everyday make-up.

In our offer you will find a wide choice of the best brushes for powder, to apply shadows and brushes for make-up base. Depending on the ... More