Care cosmetics for children

Caring for children's skin is very important. Our children's skin is very delicate in the first years of life and does not provide adequate protection or proper thermoregulation. It is also susceptible to irritation and sensitive to many substances. Therefore, it is worth consciously choosing appropriate care cosmetics for children so as not to expose them to unpleasant situations. The right solution is to use hypoallergenic cosmetics. Caring for children's skin should not end only with hand soap and washing liquid. A good, gentle shampoo (we recommend the Mixa Baby series), body oil or balm, face and hand cream, and you also need to remember about products that protect against UV radiation! And most importantly, children like to play, so don't let them do that, even while bathing and washing. Let's use good, but at the same time charming and colorful products to encourage and convince children to practice hygiene.

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