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Brand Paese

PAESE make-up cosmetics

Paese is present on the market for several years. It's manufacturer is the company Euphora Poland. In Italian PAESE (pronounced. Páez) means land. Pease's offer includes make-up cosmetics available in a wide range of colors. The company has it's own production and thus the ingredients of the products are carefully selected. Not only do they have to be functional, but also should have care properties. All the cosmetic compositions contain natural components, complexes of vitamins C. A, PP, B and E oils, waxes, natural minerals and sunscreens. They are characterized by excellent quality and a wide range of packages that are functional and elegant. PAESE's products are created with passion and attention to all of the current trends. High quality products at low, affordable price was awarded 'Excellence of the Year 2010' by Your Style magazine in the category of Polish cosmetics. The best-known products are powders: rice and bamboo with silk and oils: argan, jojoba oil and tamanu. Other popular products are: nourishing nail varnishes, varnish dryers, cuticle lotion, essential vitamins, cleaners. In it's offer Pease has also a micellar fluid.