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The Eveline brand and its beginnings

Eveline Cosmetics is a Polish cosmetics brand with a long tradition. It has been operating on the market since the early 1980s, specifically since 1983, when the Kasprzycki family officially founded the company. A year later, the brand released its first makeup products, such as mascaras and lipsticks.

The following year, Eveline began exporting its products to Russia. Currently, the brand is known and very liked, not only on our domestic market, but also abroad.

The offer includes make-up cosmetics, body care products, as well as face and hand care cosmetics.

Brand philosophy

When creating its products, Eveline Cosmetics works with the good of the planet and people in mind. As a result, they have implemented special GHP and GMP systems that ensure production at the highest level. They include a number of guidelines regarding the production, control, storage and shipment of products.

Most of Eveline cosmetics are vegan and Cruelty Free - they are not tested on animals.

Eveline products for face and body care

Eveline Cosmetics is a leading cosmetics company for comprehensive body care. Its products are made of the highest quality ingredients that ensure high effectiveness, and the lowest price attracts many customers.

Daily facial care is the starting point for most people. That's why Eveline products have the perfect consistency, absorb quickly and do not leave a greasy film. The brand has created many series with different skin types and their individual needs and requirements in mind.

The brand has also created specialized universal products, ideal for both young and mature body skin. These include hair products, body scrubs, cleansing gels and tonics, care balms, sheet masks and hand creams.

Our store offers many popular series such as:

  • C Sensation - creams and micellar fluids based on vitamin C,

  • C Perfection - strongly firming anti-wrinkle cosmetics,

  • Prestige Gold Peptides - cosmetics for mature skin,

  • Egyptian Miracle - based on a 100% natural Egyptian recipe,

  • My Beauty Elixir - face and body cosmetics with moisturizing, brightening and detoxifying properties (depending on the product),

  • Royal Snail - creams and other products based on snail slime.

At the same time, it is worth delving into the anti-cellulite cosmetics category on our website, which includes, among others: the Slim Extreme series, which includes a slimming serum, a breast serum, a turbo cellulite reducer and a strongly firming body cream-booster.

A large part of Eveline's assortment also includes products for full body depilation. One of the most popular series in our store is Laser Precision and Just Epil.

Eveline nail accessories and products

While developing its brand, Eveline Cosmetics has specialized in creating nail styling products and accessories such as makeup sponges, makeup brushes, tubes and sharpeners.

Well-groomed nails are every woman's calling card. And although the current trend is hybrid manicure, classic nail products still have their supporters and remain popular. Therefore, the brand's offer includes varnishes, nail conditioners and so-called topcoats. topcoat.

Our clients invariably choose the now cult Nail Therapy Professional series, which includes post-hybrid care cosmetics, as well as oils, highly concentrated conditioners, hardeners and nail polish dryers, and removers.

Eveline cosmetics for face make-up

The Eveline brand is not only cosmetics for face and body care, it also has a huge range of make-up products! The company follows new trends and follows in their footsteps. The result is specially developed formulas with long durability and strong pigmentation.

The company's products include cosmetics for face, eye and lip make-up with various consistencies and shades, thanks to which you can create a comprehensive make-up.

When applying facial makeup, it is worth investing in a good makeup base, then pay attention to facial foundations and choose the one that best suits the needs of your skin.

We use concealers with liquid or cream formula, bronzers, highlighters and blushes to make the previously unified complexion three-dimensional.

The next stage is powders with a matte, illuminating or other finish that allow for long-lasting makeup fixation. One of the last steps is to apply tempting eye makeup using various eyeshadow palettes and your favorite mascara.

The icing on the cake will be eyeliners and eye pencils. Iconic ones are those in black.

All these Eveline products are available at the Ladymakeup online drugstore. Below we recommend a list of series classified as makeup bestsellers, according to our loyal customers.

  • Wonder Match - has a vegan recipe and you can find concealers, blushes, lipsticks, luxurious foundations and powders,

  • Variete - a series inspired by the theater scene, thanks to which it ensures perfect face and eye make-up.

  • Choco Glamor - cosmetics with a wonderful chocolate scent. These include liquid lipsticks, lip balm - serum, cream bronzers and shadows,

  • Liquid Camouflage - waterproof concealer with strong coverage and hyaluronic acid.

  • Flower Garden - a spring series with a floral scent. It includes, among others: includes lipsticks, lip glosses, powders and shadow base,

  • Better than Perfect - foundations and concealers with good coverage and long-lasting effects.

All of the above and many other Eveline Cosmetics cosmetics can be found at Ladymakeup.

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