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TANGLE TEEZER is a British brand that produces innovative hairbrushes. Due to their amazing properties and charming workmanship, they have gained popularity and crowds of fans around the world. The main advantage of Tangle Teezer is painless combing of hair, even the most tangled or wet hair. It does it efficiently and painlessly, making everyday hair care easier. After use, our scalp is pleasantly massaged and the hair is delicate and shiny. The success of Tangle Teezer lies in the construction of the brush and in particular the innovative shape of the teeth made of a special material.

The brush is perfectly shaped to fit your hand. And despite the lack of a handle, it is great to use on a daily basis. We have several types of this amazing invention available. The Original - a brush with an original shape, Salon Elite - a brush with protrusions that fit perfectly into the hand, ergonomic shape and concave surface. Compact Styler - a smaller version of the brush, perfect for a woman's handbag.

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