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Olivia Garden - the history of the brand

The Olivia Garden brand comes from Belgium. It was founded in 1967 by Jean and Micheline Rennette. At the beginning of their existence, they focused only on the production of hairbrushes and combs, but later they also specialized in the production of various hair accessories. Olivia Garden has successively filled the niche of professional hair products in beauty salons and conquered the domestic and foreign markets.

Today, their products are used around the world by professional hair stylists and retail consumers in the comfort of their homes. Innovative solutions, modern shape and design make Olivia Garden, as brush manufacturers, gain worldwide recognition among many professional users and people who consciously care for their hair. Olivia Garden has been participating in many fashion and hairstyle shows every year for years, at the same time promoting its products to new foreign markets.

Brushes for detangling and styling hair

Olivia Garden brushes, compared to other hair styling products, are distinguished by the high quality and durability of the components they are made of. They are accompanied by a unique design and a streamlined, valve shape and, depending on the model, a classic shade of black and white or more bold colors. Olivia Garden is not only about hairbrushes, the brand also produces combs made of natural wood, and their offer also includes hair accessories, e.g. clips that lift the roots and optically increase the volume of the strands.

Olivia Garden hairbrushes are available with just nylon needles or with needles and boar bristles. Regardless of which product you choose, each of these models will be perfect for combing wet and/or dry hair. In addition, the brushes have antistatic properties, thanks to which the strands do not electrify or frizz after combing. At the same time, when combing the hair, special needles do not disturb its natural structure and do not damage or pull out the strands.

The delicate balls at the end of the needles have a positive effect on the scalp by performing a gentle scalp massage, which also stimulates circulation. Compared to other brushes, regular use of Olivia Garden products smoothes the structure of the strands and restores their healthy shine.

Olivia Garden brushes - types

  • Boar bristle brushes - this type of brushes has flexible nylon spikes that are surrounded by 100% natural boar bristles. They are intended for dry combing, because wetting or getting the boar's hair wet may cause it to lose its characteristic stiffness and care properties.

  • Brushes with nylon or bamboo spikes. Products of this type only have needles made of natural or artificial material. They are recommended for both wet and dry combing. They have delicate balls on the tips, covered with an antistatic coating. After getting wet, they dry very quickly and you don't have to worry about damaging them.

  • Round brushes. They have different sizes and thicknesses. They are intended for modeling hair while drying it with a hair dryer. Their structure has holes of various sizes that ensure adequate air circulation and thus shorten the hair drying time. Innovative tourmaline technology and ionization prevent the hair from electrifying and frizzing, and are also protected against tugging and pulling.

What is the best Olivia Garden brush?

Finding the perfect brush is not that easy. When choosing it, you need to be guided by various criteria, such as the type of hair you have (thin, thick, curly, etc.) and what you expect from a new brush (e.g. good combing, help with modeling and styling, etc.). Once we know what we expect, we can go shopping. Below we present several series of the Olivia Garden brand.

iDetangle & Style

The Olivia Garden brush from this line has a unique ventilated body, which makes it flexible and perfectly adapts to the shape of the head. Combing your hair has never been easier than with this product. The offer includes variants for thin hair, thicker strands, and even those that are perfect for people with curly hair.

Finger Brush

The Finger Brush series is a wide range of hairbrushes. It includes brushes made of boar bristles and nylon spikes. They are perfect for combing hair and for everyday styling of all types of strands. They are available in various sizes and shades, as well as in variants for children (provides combing without pulling).

Ecohair Combo

This series includes brushes with a special mixture of synthetic needles and boar bristles placed on a handle made of natural bamboo wood. They are perfect for hair styling.

Bamboo Touch

The main material of these brushes is bamboo wood. It includes both brushes with wild boar bristles and completely vegan and ecological versions with nylon or bamboo spikes.

Ceramic+ Ion

This is a unique series focused on hair modeling and styling. They have bodies made of solid materials, covered with a ceramic coating.

Why is using a properly selected, good quality brush so important?

Firstly, it increases the comfort of use and raises hair styling and modeling to a much higher, professional level. An inappropriately selected brush may cause poor condition and appearance of our strands. Many brushes break and tear out hair fibers while combing, damaging their structure and causing frizz and static electricity. When using an Olivia Garden brush, we don't have to worry about anything like that. Properly selected, they are 100% safe for our hair.

It is also worth mentioning here that even the best high-end brush, if improperly stored and cared for, may have the same negative impact on the strands as a poorly selected brush. It is important to clean them regularly. If we allow dirt, sebum and hair to accumulate on the surface of our brush, it may cause them to become greasy, damaged and limp more quickly. The Olivia Garden product that will work perfectly here is a special, double-sided brush cleaner (Brush Cleaner) for brushes, which will quickly and efficiently remove e.g. hair from the brush. However, even it will not replace regular baths, which remove dirt, sebum and cosmetic residues that accumulate on the brush during its long and daily use.

Olivia Garden in Ladymakeup = Bestseller

From the moment Olivia Garden and its amazing products arrived in our store, it has been the incomparable bestseller of our drugstore. Customers are tempted by both high quality and the lowest price, and above all, proven and effective beneficial effects on hair. If you don't believe it, we recommend you visit our website and see for yourself why this particular company has stolen so many hearts around the world. We invite you.

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