ARTDECO makeup cosmetics

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ARTDECO is a German company that offers very good color makeup cosmetics and accessories in a wide range of colors. The brand is distinguished by a wealth of products and special cosmetics for professional make-up. This makes it unique on the market. It constantly focuses on the individual wishes and needs of all women, combined with good quality and reasonable price. This allows the customer to get the latest musthave products all the time. The company's name refers to the Art Deco style in architecture, graphics and painting. The Artdeco brand, just like the Art déco style, tries to look into the future with its ideas to stay one step ahead of its competitors. It has several cult products: the well-known and ubiquitous eye shadow base, Camouflage Cream - a cream concealer and Fixing Powder - a fixing powder in a "salt shaker". Its offer also includes mascaras, blushes, foundations, powders, pencils and bases.

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